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Saayii Tolof Part 428 EPISODE 31 (Difficult Marriages – Slave (Jamm) ak Freeborn Gorr)


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Chief with Ifang
“Where do you come from my son?” He asked with concern because he began to like his personality.

    “I came from Kerrgumak and Alh. Fanding is my father.”

The Bang
The thunderbolt struck Chief became cold and speechless he got up and spaced up and down which surprised Ifang;

   “What have I done father? Have I said anything wrong?” He asked very surprised and concerned. Father just left unceremoniously and climbed up to his room.
Ifang also got up and started to leave but Ada just came in very surprised as well;
“Where are you going to and what has happened? I left you with dad chatting hilariously but he is no longer here and you were about to go unceremoniously; what is happening Ifang tell me quickly?”

   “That is not in my nature Honey you know me too well but I have to leave I’ll explain to you later.” He quickly kissed her and before leaving he hesitated;
“Where are you going?” Ada asked.
“To my home I stopped to surprise you first.”

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“What happened? There is a change.”

   “Yes Honey and an unpleasant change indeed!”
Indeed confusion set in.

He is in his room in deep thought pacing up and down his wife and daughter came in to enquire what has happened;

Yaa Hojah
In unison they asked;
“Why did you drive him away? What has he done?”

He remained mute but when they insisted he burst;
“I want to be left alone! Can I have that privilege?”

Yaa Hojah left but Ada stayed defiantly left afterwards with a bang at the door.

He came to look after Chief but couldn’t see him he then asked his daughter but no response he became worried.

Deputy’ Home
    Essa came with his girl-friend Angergi Fa Burama was sharpening his machete he greeted him Essa brought some foodstuff and Angergi presented herself to assist in cooking the meal this excited her fiancé;
“thank you Honey you have given me the privilege to taste your hand.”

Fa Burama
He was very happy with Angergi’ culinary skills;
“you cooked so well and you are also well trained I would like my son to surely marry you but I have to know your origins who are your parents and where do they come from?”

“I was trained by my aunt my late mom’ younger sister who converted to Islam to marry her husband but my fiancé said he would marry me ‘bassang’ where I can retain my religion but the children born in the union will be Muslim and I agree to that. Essa found me there and proposed to me and I accepted; I was being trained as a seamstress and fashion designer. My parents’ origin is rural and I was excited when he told me he was also from the provinces.”

Fa Burama
  “What are your origins and where do you come from?” He keenly listened.

“I came from Kerrgumak and my father is Master John a first cousin to Elder Frumose one of the committee members of the Chief Sambujang.”

Thunder Bolt
Fa Burama stood up speechless and pacing up and down.

“So you know her parents dad? That is fine but why the shock in your eyes? She is a very good girl you have praised her a lot since you tasted her food but what is happening?”

Fa Burama
  He just left them in limbo and went into his house.

Seeing the situation she knew there was a problem somewhere she got up and started to leave;

   “Where are you going to Honey please at least eat your food before leaving?” Angergi just left in a jiffy followed by Essa.

Gossiper Elder
   Villagers call him Gossiper Elder because of his fussiness to poke his nose into everything wgich or which does not concern him.He saw them walking fast and he came to report Essa to his father;
He called his name aloud and asked him;
“have seen your son with the daughter of master John of Kerrgumak our enemy, what is he doing with that girl?”

Fa Burama
“That’s what I was asking him? Which he is yet to answer.”

Elder Fa Bakary
“Take a firm decision as a Deputy to our Chief these children what to disgrace us in front of the villagers we made the vow never to marry those ‘Slaves’ our dead enemies do something and do it very fast.”

Fa Burama
“I’ve heard you never would I ever consent to such an abominable marriage but please don’t tell any other person.” He swore.

Fa Bakary
“I would not what are friends for?”
He went out and laughed at him;
“Both he and the Chief hatched the evil plan and now they are dancing to it their own children have fallen into the ditch of conspiracy ha! Ha! Ha!”
To be Cont.

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