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Saayii Tolof Part 425 EPISODE 31 (Difficult Marriages – Slave (Jamm) and Gorr (Free Born)


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The Chief ordered the youth to deal with the lady intruder mercilessly but his wife was uncomfortable as she preach peace at all times.

“These people are after us they want war as they provoke us all the time over our property could you imagine collecting fire wood from our part of the border is that not provocation?”

Yaa Hojah
She did not answer him and he got offended;
“Let us talk and preach peace is my candid advice.”

“Is that what you have to say? You are supposed to support your husband’ every action to go to heavens says the Holy Qur’an.”

Yaa Hojah
“Is that so my husband? What about if your husband disobeys God (Allah) are you going to follow him in that too and go to Heaven? I disagree with you in this instance for peace I can give my life and Allah is with me.” She then sang songs for peace to the annoyance of Chief.
The mob justice gave the intruder severe beating before letting her go.

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Chief and Deputy
  The duo met an offender who is befriending a lady in the other village they met at the city and want to get married his friend grudge him and decided to report him to the Chief who summoned him and he begged for mercy but the Chief decided to stigmatize and isolate him from other villagers he decided to marry the girl outside the village and they relocated to the city.

Ada is coming from the U.S the Chief’ only child she studied Architecture her parents are proud of her. She stormed at them by surprise and they were overwhelmed even though she welcomed enthusiastically.

   He scolded her;
“Why Ada why? Why did you surprise us at least tell us you were coming and we make it grand all the same Honey go and supervise the maids to prepare something special for our daughter some African delicacy after spending 15 years abroad eating foreign food.” Yaa Hojah went and supervise the kitchen asking them to cook local chicken ‘yassa’ findi with local juices.

He asked about U.S and their lifestyle which Ada cheerfully narrate;
“How is the U.S and their lifestyle?”

   “It is not as people describe life is hard ‘callous cash payment’ everything to be done by your own ‘boots strap’ no sentiments attach I was on my own and I become self-reliant that’ all dad I am famish is the food not ready?”

He sent the security to go and check.

At the Deputy Chief’ Residence
  Essa alighted at their house and his family were overwhelmed to welcome him he went to look for greener pastures at the city and was later influenced by friends who lured him to embark the perilous journey to Europe he was deported back when he reached Libya a blessing in disguise he came back home stayed in the city and learn ‘masong’ to be a builder and it paid well for him he accumulated some money and decided to visit home.

Yaa Sagaar
“Now I want you to marry any girl of your choice and bear me grand-children I am not the one who find wife/husband for my children go and bring them she/he will be accepted and welcomed I only want grand-children that’ all.”

“I’ve heard you mom wife I’ll bring home for both of you to bless us. Are you happy now?”

Yaa Sagaar
“Both of us will be happy when you bring one.”

    He took out the picture of a girl he was seeing in the city Harjata.
“This is the girl I was seeing in the city she was schooling and living with her aunt and uncle and is a very good girl she is also learning fashion designing and I love her very much.”

Yaa Sagaar
“Bring her home my baby we’ll accept her she is beautiful.”

Badge Messenger
He is sent by the Chief to call his Deputy which worried Nyima;
“Chief wants him it is emergency.”

    “But why is the Chief calling dad for emergency? Has he done something wrong? I’ll find out.” She soliloquy.

   They came to ask Ada’ hand in marriage five of them all over the place but she declined but is yet to tell her parents why? Her parents became very worried and are tempted to seek supernatural guidance.

They seated her down and asked her why?

“Why did you sent away all your suitors when can you accept one tell me I am going naught and impatient?” He yelled.
To be Cont.

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