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Saayii Tolof Part 400 EPISODE 400 (Difficult Marriages- ‘Dusa Nawle’ not your Category, your Class)


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The Soup has gone Sour
    “‘Dry eye cover shame’ as our people would say Jula has eaten the sweet poison and there is no turning back now she does not even want to discuss with Fams.” The Sanity Voice posited

In Bed
  Jula is in bed flirting with Alhajj and enjoying the fun.

   “Alhajj I want to work for your company after my attachment I cannot see myself being away from you I am now used to the ‘sweet poison’ and no longer cares whether it takes my life.”

“That’ my girl I am going to create a managerial post for you, isn’t it amazing? You’ll never lack anything so long as you keep me satisfied as this. You are a sweet girl Jula and very responsible in what you believe in. I want to empower you financially that you’ll never depend on any man not even me.”

“I love you very much Alhajj you are selfless and just amazing.” She gave him a deep kiss as she brush his long moustache. Alhajj laughed heartily;
“You have turn me into a young boy at his first date.”
He drew her a cheque of D50M;
“I am crazy about you at the moment you are the woman of my heart you’ll never be poor for the rest of your life even if my wife knows she cannot prevent your luck since I befriended you a lot of contracts has been afforded to my company I am very grateful.”

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   She kissed him deeply and shed emotional tears;
“I am overwhelmed even if I don’t work for you I am now financially okay.” They have fun as they continued their romance.

Voice of Sanity
“Now you are on top of the world but ask yourself what is the use of gaining the whole world and lose your soul? We are all going to die will you take the illicit money with you?”

Voice of Vanity
“Shut up your ears and let it not confuse you again you are enjoying the fruits of wisdom, who will ever give you such kind of money? Now you are in a position of power and trust people will be at your beck and call money is the answer to all your problems you have it girl enjoy while it lasts.”

“Opportunity knocks only but once I’ll take whatever Alhajj gives me his wife and children will come soon and what would become of me? I’ll invest wisely as Alhajj has advised more ‘sweet poison’ no more guilt or shame and I am quite sure mom will support me she loves fanfare and she can tackle dad for me.” She smiled and felt comfortable.

Back Together
  The couple are back together but in an estranged relationship no more smiling or sharing secrets and planning life together.

   As the head of the house he stood down to accommodate his wife as he adores her he want to reason;
“What is happening to us sweet heart? Have I done you wrong? I am very sorry if I have done so knowingly or unknowingly let us be an example to our daughter Mba Toma we are her role model quarreling and tearing each other apart is not the right way.”

   “Who is at fault? I am tired of your raving and ranting, I am no longer that poor, little girl you can intimidate with money or male chauvinism now I have my own money.”

Mba Toma
   She shut her mouth with her hand and Jula pull it away;
“Dad want you to talk and iron out your differences, why are you quarreling? He has come in peace please return the peace to him.” Jula pushed her daughter away and she landed at dad’ lap;

   Fams caressed her;
“It is okay, your mom is angry with me but I’ll appease her.”
He stooped down and held her lap;
“I am very sorry if I offend you smile and I’ll know you have forgiven me.”

She got up hissed and left Fams stranded on his knees.

Mba Toma
   “It is okay dad wanting peace should not make you stoop so low mom has just got it wrong.”
She went after Jula protesting about her treatment of her husband.

At the Bank
  Jaato went to his friend after seeing him so down.

  “Fams you are so down what is eating you up? How was your weekend with your family?”
“I am fine.”

  But Jaato is not convinced;
“It is not true you are far away from fine look at your wrinkled face, our people say a problem shared is half solved spill the bean.”

 “It is Jula I can no longer understand her since she started her attachment at Alhajj’ company.’

  “I knew it but did not want to poison your mind; Alhajj is a notorious womanizer he cannot tighten his trousers in the face of a beautiful damsel but just have an open mind as I am not insinuating anything you as the head of the family just act maturely even if irritated. You are making me scared I am afraid of marriage with its attendant problems.”

  “Thank you for your concern my bosom friend.”

At Home
  Fams return to Jula’ mansion but she refused to speak to her husband and when he greeted her she spoke through her nose Mba Toma sensed the tenseness as Jula frustrate Fams effort for a happy family.

In the Morning
   Fams was preparing to return to his base he questioned Jula
“We are now living apart as you refuse to communicate with me I pleaded with you to no avail but why this sudden change? What is happening to us?”

   “I should be the one asking you it is not us but you; I want a new car.”

  He became flabbergasted;
“What? We are having issues and you are asking me for a new car? What is wrong with your car which is less than a year?”

  “That is not your business I was just testing you I have money and will buy a posh car for myself.”

  “Where are you going to get the money to buy a car?”

“Don’t ask because I’ll not tell you.”

“You’ll tell me by force because I am your husband.” The exchanges became bitter and Fams has to use physical force which becomes violent Ndaxte called Edi the gate man and Fams was asked to leave before it becomes unmanageable.
Mba Tome wept bitterly and blamed her mom for the commotion.
To be Cont.

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