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Saayii Tolof Part 396 EPISDOE 30 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Dusa Nawle’ not your Category, your Class)


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The Date
 Jula went for the date to eat their delicacy which happens to be the same while eating she thanked him for everything he has done for her

“Thank you Alhajj I am very appreciative of everything you have done for me may Allah give you a blissful life, amen!”
“Amen!” Alhajj replied and he added;
“You deserve more, let us toast to our love and friendship forever amen!”
“Amen!” Jula replied.

The Shock
Alhajj is severely hypertensive and too much excitement troubles his heart he almost pass out until Jula gave him some first aid she learnt at school and stabilized his condition.

“I almost had a heart attack but my sweet heart is here to prevent it being with you is so peaceful and blissful that’ why my fellow men go polygamous my wife is no longer useful to me sexually I don’t find her rewarding my emotions as she is always nagging at me unnecessarily pulling her strings even in the States I now have every reason to keep her there and I pray forever she stays there she is a pest and a nuisance full of trouble and the devil herself.” He hissed.

She reflected and said to herself;
“Why is he talking about his wife with disdain? I have to replace her as soon as possible to give him that mental stability he need to continue to be a shrewd business tycoon.”

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“You are a lady of high qualities please touch my heart again it is now totally yours and you can do anything with it.”

   She felt delighted and massaged Alhajj’ heart which he enjoyed immensely.

“Sweet heart my heart has taken you in solace but you have to stop being naïve don’t tell anything to your husband if you do he will distrust you and stop your destiny with me hide it, do you understand?”

  She nodded her head and replied;
“I do and thank you for advising me maturely.”

The Debate in her Mind
  She reflected back on everything that Fams has done for her from acceptance to marry her up to sponsoring her education.
“I have nothing to complain how can I stab my good husband at his back? He has done so much for me.”

The Voice of Reason
    “That is my girl don’t betray your benefactor do you remember the law of Khmer, Natural Justice and her companion Nemesis whatever you sow is what you reap so think wisely my girl.”

The Voice of Opportunism
  “Opportunity knocks only but once pick it! Grasp it! How much is already in your secret account? Play bond and be rich forever! Be an empowered woman a Queen of Alhajj’ heart making people dance to your beck and call be your pawn who you can used as you wish and least!”

   She is very confused what is she going to do? She has to talk to someone she trusts and has confidence in.
“I have to talk to someone before I go insane.”

Mam Butorr (M.B)
She is her Supervisor her immediate boss and she looks up to her for guidance and advice M.B as fondly call is shrewd and sophisticated. She welcomes and entertains Jula’ questions
“Jula Musoo! What can you elder sister do for you? You are very much worried your face has betrayed you.”

“I want to travel out of country for a while can it be arranged without CEO’ knowledge? Can you do that for me my elder sister and you’ll be handsomely compensated?”

  She thought hard;
“It is never done since I joined this Company some 15 years back what is so urgent for you to travel outside the country and be ready to pay high compensations for it?”

   She quickly lied;
“I have to arrange for our 10th year anniversary and doing my shopping next door as we intend to celebrate it in a grand manner.”

“Let your husband find time to do it he can employ the services of an Event Planner I can find him one.”

  She cannot beat M.B in an argument;
“Okay, I’ll let him know about such a possibility thank you.” She left and felt disappointed.

Dinner Date
Alhajj invited her to a dinner date to celebrate her 10th Wedding Anniversary.

“What an irony? My husband should have done the preparation and we celebrate it together but he is not here I have now to celebrate it with my boss, my lover and certainly it is unfair.” She reasoned supported by the Voice of Reason;

Voice of Reason
“That’s my reason why should you acquire the whole world and lose your soul? Think before you leap!”

Voice of Opportunism
   “V.R (Voice of Reason) is naïve who can live such a life letting opportunity pass by every time due to conscience to acquire wealth and be counted you have to let Conscience sleep while you do your thing.”

She welcomed Jula and asked her;

   “How can I help you little sister?”

“I am in deep trouble and it is only you who can help me solve my problem.”

    “I am all ears and will surely give you a very good advice.”

“I feel blessed to be doing my practical at your Company.”

   “You want to say something please say it without any hesitation.”

    “I have D20 million deposited into my secret account by a secret admirer should I tell my husband or what should I do? Can you wisely advise me?”
To be Cont.

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