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Saayii Tolof Part 389 EPISODE 30 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Dusa Nawle’ not your Category, your Class)


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 Mam B met her old lecturer and she asked after Jaambi;

Madam Mbissine
    “How are you Mam B? It’s a long time I haven’t seen you and your other friend what is her name again?”

   “Who Jaambi? She is gone to the States for her sabbatical.”

Madam Mbissine
    “That’ very nice please send her my greetings when you contact her she was very nice to me whenever I have transactions at the bank she is a sweet lady.”

   “Okay Madam she will hear your message.”

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The Big Ceremony
    Mba Jonsaba
   She conducted a big fanfare ceremony and put the bill on Fams;
“I learnt you are a Banker I give you a pure girl the ceremony have to be foot by you period!”

    “You are right mommy my wife gladden my heart and I’ll surely foot the bill just send me the budget.”
Mba Jonsaba sent a budget of D100, 000. 00 but Fams gave her D150, 000. 00 and she was elated;
“Had I known I would have double it and he would have sent D200, 000. 00 but it is still not late I’ll see how to increase the budget as an after-thought.”

She read her mother’ mind and opposed it vigorously;
“I’ll not allow you defraud my husband in the name of an elaborate ceremony what is more important a successful marriage or an elaborate ceremony do lessons not teach you? What about cousin Madala’ wedding how much was spent about a million dalasi her reception held at a five star hotel with an open invitation ‘crashers’ more than official invitees was it not the talk of town? How long was the marriage? One year and numerous problems surface and it ended in a divorce; another example Tordeema the same amount was spent and her marriage lasted for two years, the examples go on and on; do you want my husband to steal and be jailed and your daughter be term ‘aigaaf’ (bad luck)? I forbid you what has been given to you is extortion it is your luck keep to it or else you’ll not even see me at the ceremony.” Majula threatened.

   He was proud of his wife;
“You have saved me I couldn’t have stopped her as my mother in law and my mom was also in the fanfare seeing it as a pride that her son can foot such an elaborate ceremony without a blink.” He raised her off the ground and whirled her around;
“If we continue as this we’ll become perfect couple in a happy home.” They vowed to remain like that forever.

According to their custom and tradition she is expected to spend some time with her mother-in-law to learn about the family way of doing things and to be familiar with her. Fortunately as always said Fams has no negative sister/s to compete his wife he has only a brother with several cousins from the Kabilo and surrogate sisters and cousins. Jula woke up very early fetch water, boil it for bathing and sweep the big compound; Fams woke up and found his wife sweeping the big compound he was amazed.

Mba Nyaling
   She came out smiling and Fams asked after his wife then Majula saw him and knelt on the ground and greeted him;
“Good morning my husband.”
“Good morning.” Fams replied then Majula turned to Mba Nyaling;
“Good morning mother I hope you slept well.”

Mba Nyaling
   “Thank you my daughter I do.”

   He protested;
“Mba you are over working my wife doing all these household chores? Do you want to kill her for me?”

Mba Nyaling
   She gave a broad smile;
“Don’t underestimate my daughter-in-law she is very hard working this is only what you see, she has already cook the ‘chura gerte’ ready to be serve and has also put the pot to boil the meat for the Saturday ‘super kanja’ Allah has given me what I want, didn’t I tell you that my choice of a wife for my eldest son cannot be found wanting which city girl can or is ready to do such chores with their claw like finger nails? Trust me you’ll have a blissful happy home with lots of children boys and girls, amen!”
“Amen!” Fams chorused.

The Incubation Period
   The familiarization period is over and Majula and her husband were going back to the city. Maama performed some fetish rites and prayed for the couple who drove away to the city.

Enrolls at the University
Fams got Majula enrolled at the university she took Economics as a Major and Computer Studies as a Minor. Fams took special loan to sponsor her education until graduation he rent her an apartment next to the University so as to be focus and not to experience any distraction in her studies.

Double Promotion
   Fams got double promotion after his marriage to Majula and he gave her the glory he is relocated to a new branch and made the General Manager (GM) with an official car, bigger well furnished apartment and fringe benefits for his family he was on top of the sky as he rang his mom.

   “Mom thank you for your choice of a wife Jula is big luck can you imagine I have been relocated to a new branch and made the G.M (General Manager) with an official car, big well equipped bungalow with fringe benefits for my family meaning my family’ education, health insurance cover and holidays will be taken by the company I can now have more money for my extended family meaning you and brother isn’t it a blessing due to your choice of a wife? I listen to you and Allah has bless me through your God chosen wife.”

Mba Nyaling
  She yelled with excitement and prayed for the couple;
“Didn’t I tell you? If you are obedient to your parents’ choice in matrimony you never regret it we go for class and category especially from the Kabilo you don’t know the city girls they are always wayward and disastrous. I’ll come to the city and offer prayers for the new apartment you can now have the money to build a mansion at home so that if you come to the village your status will not change.”
To be Cont.





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