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Saayii Tolof Part 376 EPISODE 29 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Bennen Jigeen’ the Other Woman)


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Prior to the Marriage
   Asum consulted her lawyer and Lawyer Joof explained that there is no marriage according to Common Law because the couple has been leaving apart for two years and now five years and adultery can be the basis of divorce.
“Madam go ahead and marry the man of your choice I’ll wait for him to challenge it in court. May you have a blissful marriage this second time you deserve it.”

A Happy Family
Asum devoted to her family and gave them her best Prof did not regret marrying her;

As they sat eating at the Dining Prof commented;
“who would have believe this family will smile again? Thanks to the best of friends Ngens suggested it and Asum agreed to it we are gracious to the Almighty for bringing you into our life.” He turned to the kids;
“Am I not right?”
In unison they all concurred;
“You are daddy! You are!” The family is cheerful.

Romantic Lovers
   The couple dotted on each other Asum has time for the kids and also knows how to make her husband happy they are always on each other touching, caressing and saying sweet words to each other this amused the workers who always gossiped about them.

    “Prof and Madam Asum are head over heels in love it looks as if this is their first marriage they have eyes only for each other I wonder whether they were this devoted to their first love?”

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“I heard late Madam Ngens fixed the marriage before she died Asum was her bosom friend and she willed all her wealth to her and also entrusted her with her family I’ve never seen such great love in my life.”

    “But Madam Asum deserves it look how she treats us like her own family no discrimination she pays us our dues, bonus when we work hard give us vacation to visit our family they are treating us as formal employees I’ll never leave here unless for a far better employment.”

  “Me too I’ll always watch her back as she is watching ours and I wish I marry a romantic, caring man as Prof.”

   “Amen Oh! Amen!”

  “Kongosa! What are you gossiping about I hope not the love birds? Quick back to your work before I time you out.”
He is their supervisor an orphan recruited from Asum’ village. He is hard working and loyal to the family which earns him his present position.

The Good News
    Madam Asum was vomiting and feeling dizzy Prof called the family doctor;

“Come quickly Doctor Saine my soulmate is feeling sick and dizzy which makes me restless.”

“I’ll be there in a jiffy just take it easy Prof she will be alright.”

The Examination
Doctor examined her and asked Asum to meet him at the clinic to ascertain that everything was fine.

   “Why at the clinic? Is everything fine with her?”

Dr. Saine
   “Don’t panic or else I’ll take all your valuables you are a Bajan and I am a Saine and you know what that mean in our culture.” But Prof was still uneasy as he said in his mind;
“I don’t want to lose this one again, God forbid I’ll not be able to take it.”

At the Clinic
She was thoroughly examined by doctor and the scan showed twin boy and girl when Asum learned about it she was overjoyed as well as Prof who accompanied her to the clinic;

Couple Reaction
   “We are blessed two more lovely kids Junior who is now 3 years will be thrilled he loves junior sibling to boss around.” He kissed his wife and caressed her tommy;
“Thank you honey I love you Ngens was right she told me I’ll never found you wanting in your wifely duties.”

At Home
    Prof called all the work staff;
“Take care of my soulmate your madam she should not lack anything and please make her happy no pregnancy stress.”

“Don’t you worry Prof I am your man you have done so much for us Madam will be well served.”

“Thank you I trust you with my heart.” He left and the workers were thrilled that Prof trusted them.

The Girl Servants
   “We pray for such a romantic, caring husband Madam Asum is very lucky.”

The Siblings
They were excited when Prof and Asum called them to prepare their little minds;
“Do you like other siblings to join our great family?”

In Unison
  “Yes dad! Yes mom! Where are you going to buy them at the village?”

   “Mom is carrying them?”

   “Where is mom carrying them on her head but we have not seen them?”

“Mom is carrying them in her tommy.” They all came and started to caress and put their ears on mom’ tommy.

   “We have not heard anything are you kidding us?”

   They showed them the scan;
“These two objects are your siblings a baby boy and girl they are growing in mom’ tommy and in nine months’ time they will be born and God willing will join us in long life and good health amen!”

“Amen!” They chorused in unison.

The Family
All the discussion changed they discussed how to name their siblings each one wanted the babies to be named after him/her and how they will take care of them and they became selfish.

   They sat them down and taught them selflessness;
“All of you have to take care of the babies in turn and as for their names we will take a common name that will reflect all your wishes for them you’ll show them love and care because they are the fruits of mom and dad love just as all of you; we will go shopping for them and when they are born they will be happy babies and we will all care and love them as a family and from hence forth whenever you pray add them in our prayers for God to give them a happy welcome, amen!”
To be Cont.

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