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Saayii Tolof Part 371 EPISODE 29 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Bennen Jigeen’ the Other Woman)


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Yerro’ Offer
“Asum is first consulted to choose either the ground or first floor the choice is hers.” Yerro told Baaba Ma.

She got agitated and infuriated;
“Over my dead body! Neither I nor my children will live under one roof with that imposter of a woman Pat and I am also not transferring to H/Quarters.”

“You heard her she opted out I did not push her she can suit herself.”

Baaba Ma
   “Okay! Take it easy on yourself if we think we will be able to find a solution, good night my children.”

Sleeping Apart
Asum refused to share room with Yerro instead she slept with her mother and Yerro slept alone in his room.

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Next Day
Baaba Ma invited all the family members present and gave his word of wisdom:
“Use your mind and not your heart; also Yerro you have made a great mistake by marrying your benefactor Pat and now want to impose her upon Asum who is just a woman, a wife trying to protect her husband whom she has struggled with since their adolescent age. Bear with her and take it easy.”

“I am going back to Head/Quarters and whenever my first wife is ready her apartment will wait for her.”

Baaba Ma
   “My son I am afraid for your life because you have just dug your grave.”

“Baaba just pray for me nothing will happen I’ll be fine.” He left.

At the City
Pat is very happy that her scheme has worked to satisfaction she is now the Alpha and Omega of her household Yerro dotted on her and completely ignored Asum who cared less about him she now concentrate on her two children and her extended family.

She is not on speaking terms with Pat who is furious with her.

Kumba is the gossiper of the company she came to Angie and start to gossip about Pat;
“I learnt Pat is not on speaking terms with you for opposing her marriage to Yerro she calls you a frustrated spinster and label you a jealous cat she is now fill with vain pride calling herself Madam Yerro Baldeh.”

   She hissed and cursed her;
“She is shameless how can she treacherously snatched a virtuous woman’ husband on the pretext of being his benefactor yes she helped Yerro got the job but first and foremost it is his qualification which made it possible after all; I hate opportunistic women who stabbed other women and take what rightfully belong to them but Kums I believe in the law of Khmer Natural Justice Pat will be punished and put to shame God willing.”

Pat complained to Kums and insulted Angie;
“She is an old frustrated spinster married to her top job she intimidates men with her arrogance what is the use of a well-paid job and nothing to show for it no husband, no child.”

   Her business blossom and she opened another Kiosk for her mother who is also doing very well. She would not play with her kids’ education as she enrolled them in a posh private school they have now got used to daddy’ absence and concentrate on their studies and their mother’ love; Asum continued to send fish money to Yerro’ parents and they have no reason to complain as they dotted on Asum and the kids.

She got pregnant so soon accidently and Yerro complained;
“But why did you not practice family planning behaving as uneducated the twins are just 18 months?”
“Am I the one impregnating myself? Why do you engaged me so soon?” Pat fought back.

“I thought you as an educated wife will protect yourself.”

“Didn’t you tell me that you want it natural? That’ what I did.”

“But is the sheath the only protection?”
Pat got angry and stress made her abort her pregnancy and she blamed Yerro for it.

“Our baby felt unwanted and has to be aborted now you are happy.”
There were bitter exchanges and they went into blows and Pat fainted Yerro was scared as she was rushed to the hospital in an office van.

She reported the gender based violence to the nearest police station and Yerro was apprehended.

At the Police Station
Yerro was put in a cell and humiliated as he called his lawyer to come and bail him.

Before the lawyer Comes
   The police officers caricatured and made fun of him;
“Look at you evil man a batterer? Your wife gave birth to beautiful twin boys followed by another pregnancy which was your responsibility; did she impregnate herself foolish man? You’ll be jailed.”

“It is purely family matter and my intention was not to harm her it was an accident which I regret greatly please let me be bailed.”

Police Officer
“Wait for your lawyer.”

Lawyer Joof
He came and bailed him;
“Thank you barrister how is my wife and my kids?”

Lawyer Joof
“Pat has been discharged and the kids are with her aunt and they are fine.”

   “Is Pat at our home?”

Lawyer Joof
   “Am sorry Yerro but Pat and the kids are with her aunt.”

At the Aunty Majula
She is a panka (bold) woman she never agree with the marriage.

Prior the Marriage
    Aunty Majula opposed the marriage;
“How long have you known him?”

“Less than two years.”

Aunty Majula
 “Is he a married man?”

She became defensive;
“But aunty why the intense interrogation?”

Aunty Majula
“Because I don’t want you to make the mistake of desperation to marry a brute. Yes our traditional custom accepts multiple marriages but I want my niece to marry the right man.”
To be Cont.

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