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Saayii Tolof Part 318 EPISODE 26 (Difficult Marriage – Orphan In Marriage ‘Baayo Chi Saayii’ ‘Kumba Amut Ndeye’)


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Tina Mberry
She went into tantrums in her room and Tina Mberry came and found everything scattered around and she stood her on the bed;
“What is happening spoilt brat? Why have you upset your room like this? Are you mad?”

“I don’t want those brats! Who are they? Have they come to occupy my space? Dad was away for a long time he came with prosperity for us to enjoy then come these two strangers!”

Tina Mberry
“You have to behave intelligently you see our prosperity do you want your dad to return us where he found us? Not for me it is my time to enjoy and I’ll just do so. Play it fine so that your dad will bless us with his prosperity.”

The Kids
 The girls were watching children’ channel Mbachu came and changed it;
“Why did you change the channel without asking us?” Singian ‘big woman’ asked.

She hit her hard and replied;
“You are the activist protester with no respect! What about your elder sister? Who are you to ask questions in my father’ house?”

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 “He is not only your father but our father and why do you disdain us are we not your sister? We too have a right in our father’ house.”
Mbachu drove them away from the living room but Aunty Tina came and scolded her.

Tina Mberry
“You naughty elder sister! How can you treat your siblings like that?” She led the girls to the private sitting room and tuned kids’ channel for them.

They kissed and thanked her.
“We wish elder sister Mbachu was as kind as you mom!” Singian posited and Steph concurred.

Tina Mberry
 “She is naughty but would soon come up I’ll not allow her any mercy when she maltreat my little darlings.”
Mbachu sulked and left.

In their Room
 Dad went to visit the children in their room and they complained;
“Sister Mbachu do not like us, she is unfriendly she scolds all the time and look at us with disdain she said we are not her sisters, we like and respected her but she refuse to accept us take us out of here take us back to the hotel we are grown-ups and can take good care of yourselves we want peace of mind dad.”

“But Aunty Tina is very good to you and is taking good care of you bear with Mbachu she would sooner than later catch up you know she was the only princess of my heart she thought until now when she know she has two younger siblings give her little more time.”

“I only hope Aunty Tina is not acting only for you we don’t want history to repeat itself as my late mom treated Steph Ken.”

“I don’t think Aunty Tina will do that.”

Aunty Tina Mberry
She was eavesdropping and heard everything shook her head and hissed;
“Singian is big mouth but I’ll handle her at the right time.”

Dad and the Girls
They played games and enjoyed themselves while Mbachu kept away in her room Aunty Tina Mberry kept herself in her room as she was getting angry with the girls;
“These girls are very cheeky especially that Singian and Gaa wants to train these kids as ‘toubab’ kids  we are Africans and I’ll be damn to forget that.” She hissed.

Aunty Tina with Mbissine (Nickname ‘Kongosa’)
She poked her nose into everything that does not concern her and tries to poison her friend’ mind when they ask her opinion to make a decision and that’s what happen in this case when Aunty Tina asked her opinion about her step daughters.

“Think wisely my sister Tina men are not to be trusted for how many years have you been waiting for Gaa you should have been his first wife why did he put you in the family way then ditched, disgraced you and went and marry the late Mbachu after her demise he married Hoyan didn’t he see you then? He only come after Hoyan’s death when he did not see any readymade woman of his choice. Why should you allow Gaa to use you as a third fiddle when he lost his two wives and come back to you? My advice is play along drain him white and run away without marrying him.”

Aunty Tina Mberry
“That’s my champion I am thinking in the same direction Gaa has to pay for ridiculing, using and abusing me why did he married twice lost them before thinking of me? I’ll suck him dry, use his daughters and ran away with my daughter.”

Aunty Tina and Mbachu
Mbachu refused to love her siblings and Tina is very crossed with her;
“You are very silly you want to spoil our chance but I’ll not allow it.”

“I don’t care what dad think about I can’t never accept them.”

Aunty Tina
“Stop scolding them all the time.”

Changing Tactic
Aunty Tina encouraged her to change tactic she started to pretend to love them and the children thought it real and became very happy as they narrate it to Gaa.
“Dad you are right now elder sister Mbachu is very loving and cooperative.”

“Didn’t I tell you give her time you are same blood and as it is said ‘blood is thicker than water I want all my children to be together that it what I want God has answered to my prayers after losing my two wives.”

Eating together
They ate together and Mbachu helped them with their sums now Steph Ken has picked up and is doing very well and Singian also stayed at her first position Gaa and Tina are happy with their small family. For the time being things looked real.

Time is to go back to the U.S
Gaa told Tina Mberry his plans;
“Sweetheart it time to go back a lot of work to settle and tidy up.”

Tina Mberry
But so soon we will miss you very much myself and the girls.”

 “I am on something and will tell you when I return.”

Gaa with Mbachu
“Mom say you are going back to the U.S; when are you coming back for me dad?”

“Keep it as a secret Christmas I’ll come for your siblings but I am keeping it a secret to them don’t tell anyone not even your mom I want it a surprise a school has already been arranged for them as well as their visa.”

“Why can’t I not go with you and my siblings?”

“Your visa has been put in so when I come for Easter I’ll come for you and your mom and the family will unite once and for all. Dig! Don’t tell your mom and siblings.”

“Thank you dad I understand.”

To be Cont.

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