Saayii Tolof – Part 238 – EPISODE 19 (Difficult Marriages – Dusa Nawle – Caste Discrimination In Marriage)


Jomme with Gorra
He took her home and as she was waiting Madame Pure (Pire) came in and Jomme got up and greeted her and she paused;
“Good afternoon!” And she checked her up and down Gorra got up as well and introduced her;
“Sit down!” She commanded.
“She is my girlfriend very decent, enterprising, and focused she is an undergraduate and we are looking forward to cement our relationship and moved it to higher height.”
She frowned and asked;
“Who are her parents?”
“My mom is late and my father is self–employed.”
“What specific type of work does he do?”
“He is a gold/silver smith.”
“Is that a profession? Gold/silver smith means bad luck to our clan you cannot marry my son I have a fiancée for him so back off get up close the door behind you as you are not welcome!”
Gorra protested;
“You are very unfair! How can you judge my woman on her father’ profession? What’s wrong with being a gold/silver smith?”
“Our Njien is ‘Gelawarr’ (nobility) which cannot be mixed with ‘nyeyor’ (unpure) caste blood. I’ve said my word you cannot marry her period!”
Jomme left the house with a heavy heart followed by Gorra apologizing on behalf of her mom.
“She is a naughty woman don’t mind her I am an adult I know what I want it is you I am going to marry and no one else.” He snapped.
“Your mom despised me because of caste but what is caste? My dad inheriting such profession from his fore fathers what’s wrong with that? Is it not a decent job? Why are jewelers the richest men in Europe and America? Why are poor jewelers castigated against? It is very stupid it does not make sense. Look at the idea of a sovereign person calling another one a family slave? The Gambia is celebrating its 52nd independence celebration and our people are still suffering from mental slavery? I am not perturb by your mother’s ignorance I just pity her; I am a sovereign human being no one is above or below me my dad ingrained dignity, self-worth, self-esteem into me your arrogant, vain mother cannot break me.”
“Eh! Eh! Eh! It is my mother you are talking about be careful.” He teased her.
“But isn’t it your mother that fired the first shot?”
“Don’t mind her my Sunshine am I not an adult to make my own decision?” He kissed her and demanded for smile;
“Smile for me to show your beautiful white teeth glued upon a shiny black gum.” She smiled and hit him;
“Get out of here naughty boy!”

The Attempts
Gorra, a ‘ndongo’ boy attempted many times to have intimacy with her but to no avail.
He got frustrated and exploded;
“How can I buy goods without examining it? Am I a fool to leap before I look? What is so special about ‘your thing down there’? Are you different from other ‘sweet’ girls? You are ‘soff’ (bluffy) playing ‘sakara’ hard to get; aren’t you getting on my nerves?”
“I respect myself and have made a vow to my dead father that I’ll keep myself until I get married as a form of family planning and free from sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs). Marry me and you’ll enjoy my present at our wedding night.”
“Aren’t you old fashioned an undergraduate thinking like a normal village girl? Sophisticated girls don’t speak like you what tricks can you show to attract me to bed? You’re forcing me to get it from other girls don’t accuse me of frolicking around.”
“Do as you wish but just be careful not to get yourself infected with STI including HIV and Aids.”
“Am I not an adult to protect myself?” He snapped very angry at Jomme who cared less about his anger.

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