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Saayii Tolof – Part 232 – EPISODE 18 (Difficult Marriages – Yaaye Ju Buge – The Greedy Mother)


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 Buge informally took her daughter to her husband without the paternal aunts’ knowledge whose traditional role is to do just that.
“I’ll not inform your paternal aunts those greedy, paupers I don’t want them disturb my rich in-law where were they when I was struggling in poverty with my poor, wretched husband and daughter?”
Oyof disagreed:
“Just tell them are they not family? Even in poverty they bring farm produce when they come to visit us.”
“I don’t care about that and my word is final.”
“Please yourself Mama please yourself.”
She took Oyof to her husband.

The First Night
 Oyof refused her husband and this frustrated him all the more he coaxed her but to no avail after three days his patience ran high and he has to rape her over and over again as Oyof scratched his body all over.
“I do not love you my mother sold me to you it is Ete that I love I hate you! I hate you!” She yelled.
“The more you hate me the more I love you!” He mocked at her as Oyof wept bitterly. He raped her repeatedly for a week to make it easy for him. Oyof hated her mother as well as Alhajj as she became an indentured sex slave.
“I took your mother out of poverty she forced me to build a duplet at your wretched home in the village, open a boutique for her and now she takes frequent trips to China, Dubai, India you name it am I not a God sent angel to your family whom I gave a name? You have nothing to say but to be grateful for this union.”
“You better be married to my mother she is the one who worships wealth but not me.” She shouted at him. Oyof nursed her pains to herself without any body to share with.

  He works in a computer company even though a graduate he has to climb the ladder many of the employees have their Masters before him and were his boss but he was steady, worked hard and made friends through the contacts and one day he met his luck.

The Opportunity
Some German contacts came and found him trying to solve a hardware problem he was so absorbed that he did not notice their presence finally he yelled;
“It is solved! It is solved!” He turned around and saw eyes fixed at him;
“You are a Scientist a problem solver this is sort of person we need in our young company, would you mind for us to take you along just for a while it is going to be a win-win contract,” Mr. Heim posited.

 “Are you serious? Can you pay my bond to the company?”
“Why not? We will pay everything required by law.”
The deal was done his Boss was not happy and what can he do? He cannot block his path to success.
“You were one of my best employees very serious and focus didn’t I tell you that hard work pays this is your reward and I’ll never obstruct your path to success,” Mr. Deen posited.
“Thank you sir! Thank you very much I’ll always share and help my former company whenever I am in such a position.”

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She was enrolled into university and she did Nursing and Midwifery Ete is very proud of her.
“I wish Mama was alive to see us being blessed didn’t she told Buge that no situation is permanent wherever she is she would be proud of us.” Mandu posited.
Ete rented a well- furnished duplet for them now they live a very comfortable life before he travelled to Germany where he excelled and build up a capital to come and invest in The Gambia.

Back Home
He build a conglomerate employing up to a thousand employees fifty-fifty males and females. Despite his success he still lives a simple fulfilled life.

 Her demands became unbearable Alhajj has to protest;
“I am fed up your daughter is not a good wife she denies be herself and there is nothing you have done about it what you are interested is money! Money! And Money! No money for you again.”
“Go to hell and rot there! Did I ask you to come and marry my daughter you old fool?”
“You call me old fool but my money is not old fool!” They insulted and almost fought as Oyof ignored them and kept to herself.

The Expectation
  The marriage clocks two years and still no issue to show for it Buge became worried and confronted her daughter.
“It is two years and still you are not pregnant what is your problem? Is Alhajj a man?”
“No he is a woman why are you asking? Are you not the one who married him for me? I’ll not answer to your question you wicked mother that is how you frustrated Papa to death.”
She ran after her and threw her shoes at her and she dodged it.

A Woman of God
They visited a woman of God who through psycho-analysis revealed that Alhajj is an occultist who was instructed never to bear a child if he does his wealth will be destroyed and he will also lose his life.

 She was flabbergasted and cursed Alhajj:
“What have I gotten myself into? Will he not sacrifice my daughter for money ritual?” She asked the Woman of God Rabia.
“It is a deep belief and such people can do anything for wealth. If you go to the house search all the rooms and you’ll find one where he keeps his idols which should not be seen by any person other than him if another person sees the idols they will become ineffective and Alhajj will die.”

The Accident
 As the duo were coming from Seer Rabia a car knocked Buge down and she suffered multiple commuted fracture and also her eyes became affected she was rushed to the General Hospital and admitted at the Accident/Emergency Ward. Oyof rang Alhajj and he rushed with his friend to see after his mother-in-law; he gave the cost of the drugs and paid the bed bill and transport money to Oyof to take care of her mother.
“Ensure she lacks nothing and ring me to ensure there is enough money that’s why she always fought for you to marry a rich not a poor man.” Oyof hissed and ignored his sarcasm.



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