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Saayii Tolof – Part 219- EPISODE 17 (Difficult Marriages – Domm Ju Gorr – Male Child Factor)


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The Naming Ceremony
 It was a grand naming ceremony and Baaba ‘mirase’ himself a bull, sheep, goat and number of chicken lose their life ‘chere’, ‘benachin’ and sauce were some of the delicacies cooked villagers from the neighbouring settlements and the faraway towns and city relatives graced the occasion; griots were decorated and high notes pinned on their dresses I was on top of the world and was dressed ‘tip-top’ above the world; praise singers (griots) sang praises to me and I dashed money as mad.

Sange Panka
 She was on top of the world and she called me and placed me in the middle of the round circle and pinned high notes on my dress and also showered notes onto the praise singers. Baaba did the same and I was thrilled.

 She called our ‘compin’ where she was the ‘Yaaye Compin’ (surrogate mother). The ‘compin’ brought its ‘ndoli’ (contribution) which amounted to D10, 000 and the ‘nyansa’ (support from family, friends and neighbours) amounted to another D10, 000. This is done as a support to me and my family and is done for every compin member who has whatever ceremony in happiness or sadness. As a close pal she also gave me a separate envelope to show society our closeness; I wore over ten different dresses on the occasion real vanity I now call it.

He came and gained central position as he winked at my direction at every other occasion I was a bit panicky but Saitane sat close to me and gave me confidence. Champ came and took the baby kissed and prayed for him;
“Contan I’ll call him after the Christian name of Comics. May the great Lord gives him wisdom and bless him.”
“Amen!” Baaba and the rest concurred.
“Welcome to the community of parents with male children and I pray for more boys in your household.”
“Amen but I also appreciate my four girls whom I’ll train to highest height.”
Saitane winked at Champs to stop blabbing.

Flirting Continues
    Champs grumbled that he wants to claim his son,
“Contan is really my blood I want to claim him and now Baaba cannot produce boy child.”

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 “Hear yourself! How can you claim crops from someone’ farm? Baaba can sue you to the Seefo’ court, do you want to put Nene in trouble? What sort of man are you? Never say such nonsense to me again!” She chided and scolded him.
“Okay!” He backed out.

A Bold Step
 Champs came to the house when Baaba was not at home. I was scared to death;
   “What are you doing here? Do you want my husband to divorce me? I love my husband and got into this just to have a male issue and now that I have one you have to leave me alone, go to Sai’ place and we can always have an appointment through her as she sees me every day and my husband likes and trusts her and she acts as a perfect cover for us. Now leave before my husband come.” I urged him but he kissed my hand before leaving as he winked and whispered into my ear,
“You are so sweet I am always around to give you more boys to seal your marriage.”
“Okay just leave before my husband comes.” He threw me kisses and left.
I shook as a leaf,
‘He is very daring! Does he wants to spoil my marriage? I have to talk to Sai.’

 Nowadays he is always in deep thought and his wife Sophia took notice.
“My husband why are you always in deep thought these days? Is there anything bothering you?”
“I am a family man and how I feed my boys and wife is a deep concern to me, business is dull and I am just thinking about that.”
“That is true but I am also not lazy and my petty trading is doing well just take it easy Papa Modou Allah will see us through.”
“Thank you very much you are Allah sent and a very good wife and mother to my stubborn boys.”

Nene and Saitane
“Sai you have to talk to that egoistic man! How can he visit my home and want to flirt with me? What about if Baaba sees us together? Will he not blow up our cover? Tell him that my home is a no go area I don’t want him to come there again we have to show Baaba respect for God sake, he is a good husband and father.”

 “Is he mad that he-goat? I’ll put him to order the other day he said he was going to claim Contan Comics and I chided and scolded him, he is mad I’ll warn him again.”
“You better do I am a married woman and we have to be very discreet.”

   “He is very pleased with me and dotted on our son but still his girls are second to none especially the last daughter Yahu Faida, he’ll put her on her lap and she would wade away her brother.
“Give him to his mother I want you to caress me to sleep.” Yahu ordered. Baaba would shout at me to come for my son.
I protested,
“Is he not our first son? Why are you always calling me to come for him when Yahu orders?”
“Yahu is my baby girl and her command is my wish.” Baaba became adamant.
I became eddy;
“Is he suspecting that he is not his blood? Am I discreet enough? Contan is very fair like Champs but I am also very fair, but why is he repulsing our son?” I soliloqued.

Consults Sai
“Is Baaba suspecting me?”
“Why do you ask such a stupid question? What happen?”
“Yahu determines what happens in our home whenever Baaba holds our son she comes and asks him to return him to me and Baaba does, is he sensing that Contan is not his son? I am very scared.”
“Don’t be ridiculous you know how Baaba holds his girls especially Yahu the last daughter he does not want the girls to feel betrayed by a brother whom society holds to be first class citizen, free yourself from guilt you have done nothing wrong, what you’ve done have happen to other families it is nothing new if your feel guilty you’ll betray yourself easily. Baaba loves all his children but his daughters are very special to him and you have to live with it.”
“My son is special and I have to pet him because I don’t know whether I can have other boy children.” I posited.
To be Cont.


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