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Saayii Tolof – Part 213 B EPISODE 17 (Difficult Marriages – Domm Ju Gorr – Male Child Factor)


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He is very angry and called the promotion favouritism;

“I’ll do something about it and will not take it lightly; who is he to promote Contan above me? I first him here, what nonsense!” Sam is frustrated.

The Excitement
Contan rang his wife Ragal
“Prepare a meal for 10 people I am on my way home.”
“10 people why? Are we celebrating something? Also my stock is exhausted.”
“Okay I’ll pass by the super market and buy foodstuff.”
Ragal got confused and said,
“He’s full of surprises let me wait for him.”

The Celebrations
The Chairman and some executives graced it. They ate, drank and have fun Sambujang still kept to himself only forcing some smile if engaged. Con enjoyed the food with wife who became the gracious hostess.  The Chairman praised Con and explained why he deserve the position Sam frown and could not hide his feelings. He asked Con to put before him his scheme of work and master plan.
“I’ve already done it Sir and exactly know what is needed I have to work as a team leader getting in puts from everyone.”
Con went to Sam to involve him in the conversation but he gave him a lukewarm response.

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Action Madness

Something struck him and he started to act funny laughing continuously which attracted the attention of the guests who at first thought it normal but later found out it was abnormal, he threw some ice cream at Chairman’ face and this embarrassed Ragal who apologized on his behalf.

Sam is amused and laughed at his heart when he realized that the game was over so far as Con was concerned he went to Chairman and attended to him.

“Sorry for what has happened it is very sad.”

“It is not him but we’ll get to the root cause.” Chairman posited.

“He naturally loves him but we shall see when he’ll come out of this madness.” He glee.

The First Son
Aunty Nene’ first son got mad but she is yet to know. The twins heard it first and came to Ragal to confirm the story and found the situation they are flabbergasted;
“How did it happen?”
“Just like that during the celebration of his promotion as he was about to give his speech of appreciation he start to act funny which resulted to madness. That’s all what I know of.”
A psychiatrist doctor was called upon and he came assessed him gave some drugs and left. Ragal is devastated.

At the Family Home
The twins brought Contan back home to the village family house which is a well -built self-contained with modern equipment they became elite of the village. Mama Nene was devastated when her first son was brought home as a lunatic.
“What! Who has done this to me? My enemies are at work but my God is awake.” She posited.
“Why my first son? And also at the crucial time that he has been promoted to the rank of being a company corporate manager.” The twins Esau and Jacob consoled her.
“It will be fine we will take care of him he’ll be fine.”

Manifestation of madness
He acts playing soccer which is his favourite game and he was very excited about it. The fetish doctor was invited he came gave him some herbs and left; the psychiatrist doctor came and gave him some sedatives to sleep to calm him down and it helped for a while.

The Twins
They returned to their jobs at the city as they were also professionals at their places of work and living comfortable lives with wives.
Omadi Contan’ wife is devastated as she was left behind to nurse her sick husband she decided to stay with their daughter Maagal. The twins went back to inform their elder sisters and wives.

The Ordeal
Ragal has to go through the pain of seeing her husband mad saying and doing crazy things. She brought him food and woke him up but he refused then Mama Nene came to help her but he got up and scolded them and walked away;
“Do you want to kill me and steal my company? That cannot happen” He took the food bowl and started to eat with his mouth then he yelled and scared them as he took the bottle of water gulped some and threw the rest at his wife and mother then rushed out into the street and the duo went after him. Ragal went into tantrums and wept bitterly;
“Who has done this to my husband who is so harmless?” She questioned.

At the Backyard
Omadi showed full madness manifestation and the situation discouraged Ragal all the more. Omadi hallucinated and talked to things people cannot see or talk to. He acted as being flogged by unseen forces and he kept yelling and rolling upon the floor Ragal a State Registered Nurse administered injection to him. He slept for a long time woke up then started dancing and singing obeying unseen voices. Omadi became tired and exhausted then he fell asleep mama took away the sticks and pebbles from him.

Another Disaster
As Ragal and Ma Ne were looking after Omadi the jeep drove into the compound and Jacob (Hassan) was dragged out resisting with madness manifestation.
“What!” Ma Ne collapsed as first aid was administered on her.

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