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Saayii Tolof – Part 210 EPISODE 17 (Difficult Marriages – The Male Child Factor (Domm Ju Gorr)


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The Male Child factor (Domm Ju Gorr)
The male Child factor is still relevant in patriarchal societies where women are demean and term inferior in status when they bear more girl children and less males or where they bear only female children and most still when they are barren. Women compete for such rare germ and naming ceremonies supersede each other when male children are born the ceremony becomes merrier than the reverse also husbands are force to marry more wives just to bear more male children, co-wives bluff each other in such situations. The wife with more males automatically becomes the favourite wife in most cases.
Episode 17 is such a story very interesting enjoy your episode.

Nene Suffers harassment
She is a beauty in their terms she was fortunate to marry a much older man and a middle income peasant but Baaba Fara (Yermande) loves his wife without fault. He is a Christian man but still a cultural nationalist. Nene bore him four beautiful daughters in a row without a son, eyebrows are raised and tormentors such as sister-in-laws and close relatives exert pressure for Baaba to take another wife which he resisted vehemently. Name calling followed as everyone suspected Nene for using black assurance.

Mama Dawal (Diminga)
She married Koto Dawda and her marriage blessed with two males and a female being a ‘panka’ she forced herself on top of her co-wives and became the favourite of the husband who feared her tongue and fighting spirit. She is the last born ‘chaat’ of Baaba’ family. He dotted upon her as the last sibling especially that both of their parents are late. She is the most aggressive sister as she confronted Nene and accused her of using witchcraft on her brother.
“’Lu teng-teng rei-rei teng-teng dopako’ (however big a winnowing tray there is always another bigger than it.) I am your match box; free my brother you cannot tie him with your witchcraft free him immediately to marry a woman to bear him sons who will retain our family name your girls will go to build other homes please free my brother or I’ll free him for the family.”

“Free him ‘polipanga’ you are the one with the audacity to say what others dare not say but I am your match how dare you come to my home to say such rubbish? Am I God who gives children? What is the difference between male, female children? Are they not gift from God? Other women are not blessed with any what have they done to God? Are they not living blissful lives? You are mad that’s why no man come to remarry you since your husband’s death, did you use black assurance to tie him at your waist while you marry him?”
Dawal rushed to attack her but Baaba intercepted his sister;
“Go back to your home and stop causing trouble I love and care for my wife she is a good faithful woman God gives children my daughters are precious I’ll educate them to higher heights and the sky is the limit I want them to become responsible citizens and professionals in their field of study they’ll not depend on a husband to rise that I promise.”
“But they’ll marry and go to their husbands’ house or do you want them to become old spinsters?”
“I don’t care but what I can assure you is they’ll grow up into responsible citizens of this nation with or without husbands. Now go to your home you are unwelcome in my compound.”
“You are cursed I don’t blame you but this wicked woman you call a wife but I’ll deal with her, it is a promise.” She spat at the ground.
“Go, go stupid rabid dog go and look after your children your ‘warhala’ war like nature sent your good peace loving husband to an early grave and I’ll not allow you kill my husband the way you’ve killed yours.”
She came back to assault her but Baaba gripped her and threw his sister out of the compound.
“Be ready for a fight where ever I meet you.”
“You are mad and uncivilized I’ll wear beautiful attires and jewelry which you’ll never have throughout your life you pauper it is my husband who feeds your family even while your poor husband was alive.” The insult was overbearing and greatly hurts Sanye Fatoumata Marion’ heart and she swore to revenge.

The Nephew Dawda Dawal
He has some lumpen warju tendency and decided to take the law into his hands when his mother narrated the incident at Baaba’ home.
“Why should my uncle be control by the little witch of a wife? She is younger than me this is the problem of elderly men being married to young wives they control their lives but I’ll deal with that animal for insulting my mother.”
“Teach her a lesson but don’t use excessive force remember you were jailed some years back for assault and causing grievous bodily harm while your dad was alive now that he is gone be very careful.” She advised.

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At the orchard Farm
Nene went to the farm to harvest some fruit for the family and Dawal found her there.
“Who am I seeing here, the she-devil herself? What type of insults have you heaped upon my mother? How dare you tread on the tigress tail? I’ll teach you the lesson of your life.’
Nene slashed her sharp tongue at him;
“Who is the defender here, a criminal ex-convict? I don’t have your time if you are the example of a male child your mother boasts about I rather stay with my girls who are prospective professionals.”
“How dare you talk to me like that? I blamed my useless uncle for marrying his daughter how are we even sure that he gave birth to those useless daughters who all resemble your fairness and not his dark complexion?”
“Kettle de call coal black, how are we sure that your dark complexion dad fathered you and your siblings who are pumpkin coloured.”
He sprang at her and the duo locked horns like two buffalos in a duel, other villagers passed by and parted them.
Nene rushed to the home wailing and shouting Baaba was just coming from the back yard and enquired;
“What is it sunshine why are you wailing and shouting at the top of your voice and your blouse is tattered and torn?”
“Is it not your that useless jail bird of a nephew he attacked me at the orchard farm taking side for her mom who swore to deal with me after our last encounter.”

 “What! How did Dawal dared lay his filthy hands upon my beautiful damsel? Blood will flow today!” He swore as he rushed out of the compound with a machete.
To be Cont.

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