Saayii Tolof – Part 210 EPISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu – Nyeti Xarit)


At Doctor’s Office
He gave him a medical report:
“She has been badly beaten with clubs which resulted in breaking her four limbs which resulted in compound, commuted fracture, her bones are shattered which will disable her for a long time she will stay in wheel chair and after the first phase of her treatment her secondary care will be undertaken abroad. I am very sorry take heart and courage,” He counseled.

 He came out sad and brooding;
“She was a naughty wife but I still love her and would care for her and would go the extra mile to get her assailants pay for their deeds,” he told Mama and Musu.
“Thank you very much you have a kind heart,” the duo applauded him.

At the Police Station
 Mo reported the incident as a police case and the assailants were apprehended.

 Mama came to her home to nurse her when every friend abandoned her.

“What sort of life is this? I want to die; a nice mansion with every other gadget to ease life and here I am a walking smelly corpse, what is the use of life? God has forsaken me!”
“Believe in Allah and have faith you’ll be well again Insha Allah!”
Bangi gave full support asking for advice and using both orthodox and modern medicine.

Faith Healing
 The family combined treatment and it started to have effect, faith healing crowned them, all scholars assembled and prayed for her and her spirit uplifted and she recovered tremendously.

Bangi confessed about his dining with the devil and the restrictions placed upon him which he flouted.
He renounced vanity and decided to turn a new leaf.
Xalis also confessed:
“I am an accomplice I force my husband to get into vanity and now the consequence is evident to all. I refute vanity and have promised to live a simple humble life of service and good deeds to society and am also sorry for pushing my husband into it.”

At the Police Station
 Panka has been arrested and she confessed her involvement into hiring thugs to inflict grievous bodily harm on Buge Val.
The officer took out the pictures of the escapades and showed them to Mo who shivered and hissed his ego as a man and husband deeply wounded.

 “She continued to step on my toes by openly flirting with my fiancé I warned her several times but she refused to comply then I acted. I have no remorse for my actions.”
“Take her away!” The officer ordered.

At the Specialist Clinic
 Mo came with flowers and the family was very happy that despite Buge’s treatment Mo was still on course; he smiled and gave her the flowers and a letter to read; she read and started to frown after seeing the escapades pictures and the letter asking for divorce on the basis of infidelity;
“Panka has been arrested for your information and these are the escapades pictures with her fiancé  Pete whom you were openly flirting with after several warning before her drastic action, you are now free and I am seeking for divorce on infidelity grounds and my lawyer will file in the papers for the proceedings. Good luck I’m gone forever!”

Mama Buge
 “Mo please don’t do that don’t leave your wife at this state of her health, it will be callous!

 He came back and asked Mama:
“Where were you when your daughter abandoned me at my dastardly accident, rejected me at my hour of need, openly flirting with lovers when I gave her my life? Was that not callousness? I am done with your people. What goes around comes around the chicken have come home to roost. Good bye and good luck!”

Buge Val
  “Mama don’t argue with him he is right what is good for the goose should be good for the gander, I don’t want to live I want to die!” She closed her eyes forever.

The family
They got panicked and shouted her name;
  “Valerie don’t leave us we will never abandon you, you are forgiven as every person deserves a second chance.” The duo posited but it was too late for Buge who lost her young life prematurely.

She was lucky to be helped in time as she turned to a new leaf and left vanity life forever.
“Happy announcement!” She caressed her tommy he suspected and asked;
“Mamy any secret?”
“I am four months pregnant.”
He jumped around and became excited;
“Allah answering prayers, be a father very soon,” he exclaimed.
“Going to bigger house or?”
“Here is okay no more vanity, I like this simple house until I put to bed then we can transfer to our bungalow. I am now happy and contented especially enjoying the joy of motherhood plus a good, caring husband in Bangaly, the love of my life. I’ll take you for English classes to better communicate with your business partners.” They kissed each other.

   She put to bed triplets healthy and hearty Xalis and Bangi graced the occasion and they took a minute’s silence in the memory of their third friend Buge Val (Nyeti Xarit) represented by Mama Val and Musu Kebba, they all shed emotional tears and prayed for her soul to rest in perfect peace.

The End of EPISODE 16