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Saayii Tolof- Part 204 EPISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu – Nyeti Xarit)


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Drama At the Hospital
Xalis dressed to kill with the latest fashion in designer world paraded herself in front of her husband and asked:
“How do I look?”
“Mmmu! Ready to chop! But Mamy way de go? Go see Queen?”    “Not at all! Did you forget? I am attending a Vanity Fair, our members all over the country are attending this fund raising activity to raise funds for Entertainment Industry Artists in the country, who are neglected and our Club wish to assist.’
“That good for you monkey de work babu eat.”
“It is like that I am your Queen and you make money to make me happy.”
“Na true! Na true!” Alhajj laughed aloud and heartily.

A Distress Call
 “What na problem de cry so?”
At the other end;
“Cansholi your brother’s wife ran mad and is taken to the clinic.”
“Which clinic na that?”
“Okay de come now, now!”
Alhajj rushed to get his car keys and Xalis followed him grumbling;
“Time is up Alhajj the Vanity Fair! The Vanity Fair! Both of us are patrons.”
Alhajj came down.
“Mamy, it is disaster we de go clinic now-now na emergency.”
She sulked and went into tantrums.
“I don’t like it at all, can’t they solve their problem without you?” Alhajj ignored her and drove to clinic.

At the Clinic
Sekuna told him the story when he arrived at the clinic;
“Cansholi slept with our neighbour and has automatically ran mad as a result.”
Xalis was stunned;
“What! So it is true, I thought it was a myth.”
“It is not, I’ve seen it happened twice and this is the third time in my life time.”
She reflected.
“So it is true?”
Suddenly the lady was dragged in to be examined by Doctor Xalis, who turned around to examine her closely but she kicked her until her purse fell upon the floor and she ran away from her.
She is scared and when Can she was taken away, she asked her husband
“So her madness resulted from her flirting, how many times did she flirt with him?”
“Just once and you go mad, that is tradition and belief.”
She is sad.
“Beautiful lady but it is a very good tradition, married women should not flirt even if their men do so, women should be different,” she posited but was very scared.

Mo and Val Buge
Their honey moon was spent in the States and it lasted for a month, the couple visited many capitals, historic sites and met personalities from all walks of life, their time was well spent and there was fun and laughter.
Mo is travelling to the neighbouring state to attend a function and was to come by the weekend for another social event which Val was looking forward to.
“Don’t overstay, the incoming Celebrity Social Event is very important to me because it will be the first time since coming from our honey moon for the public to see us together as husband and wife; I want to showcase my rich, athletic handsome husband.”
“My Val I’ll never disappoint you Insha Allah I’ll be here on time and you’ll show case your bubby!” He hugged and kissed her.

 Mo is late and Val is agitated;
“Why is he late when I emphasized the importance of this social event? He must definitely have a good reason,” she argued.

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The Phone Call
 She picked it and reacted angrily,
“You should have a very good reason for being late.” A strange voice answered her.
“Who is speaking and who are you?”
“It is the police, Mo was involved in a dastardly motor accident and had been rushed to the main hospital.”
Val called Musu and asked her for her keys and they rushed to the main hospital.

At the Hospital
She found a different Mo whose face was all plastered.
She panicked and asked:
“What has happened, why has his face been plastered?”
Nurse Joof came and asked her to follow her to doctor’s office.

 Her vanity went without a halt and she was on top of her world visiting web sites to buy expensive designers’ outfits. Just as they justify their case ‘monkey works babu eats.’

Disaster Registers
The shipping agent made a distress call that the ship bringing Alhajj’s  goods  wrecked and lost its cargo.
“What! Shipwreck all cargo lost? Mortgaged house and all assets, have gone bankrupt, lost everything, a finished!” Alhajj wept bitterly, Xalis refused to comprehend.

At the Hospital
Doctor Jagne told her what had happened;
“The accident affected his face and it will take time to heal.”
“Can plastic surgery be done?”
“It can but it will be for some years before anything is done on that face so as not to distress the facial muscles. But he is lucky to be alive but for some years he has to live with facial scars.”
“What!” She felt disappointed.
“Live with facial scars that will be too much for me to bear.” Doctor Jagne frowned and Buge caught up.
“What did you say madam?”
“Specialists will work on him, he’ll be fine after some years, excuse me!” He left.

Xalis’ New Life
 Alhajj lost everything in the shipwreck and his properties sold to pay back the bank loan, he then relocated to a simple house of room and parlour plus toilet and water facilities. Her world came crashing down and she wept bitterly.
“What have I done to Allah? He took me to the heavens and came back dropping me to hell, what about my Vanity World, can I see them again? I’ll be ashamed to meet them as they worship wealth and treat ordinary people as thrash I’ll be treated as trash; how am I going to cope when I looked down on those I found on the ground?” She visited Mama.

At Mama’ House
 “Mama I am finished! I am finished! Alhajj has lost everything and all his properties have been sold; I have lost my status and my soul, the world will laugh at me, Mama the world will laugh at me!”

“Are you laughing at yourself? Are you not a woman of faith? If you trust Allah leave everything to him my daughter, you have a life, you should have hope,” she counselled her.
To be Cont.

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