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Saayii Tolof – Part 199 EPISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu – Nyeti Xarit)


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She reflected on her life;
“Look at me at my prime of life, single, graduate for 3 years, unemployed and dependent on friends for shelter and feeding and the irony of my family dependent on me as well. Where am I going from here?” She lamented.Musu
She visited their mom and exposed her sister;
“Mama, sister is very frivolous and obsessed with internet dating, here is her boyfriend Kenneth a producer who loves and cherishes her but sister plays game with him, he is a good man and if she loses him it will be very difficult for her to find such a man again.”

She is worried and angry about her daughter;
“Please tell her I want to see her to put sense into this stupid girl. She does not know that she is a woman and her biological clock is ticking away.”
Musu begged her mom not to tell Buge that she reported her.
“Don’t expose me and put me in trouble.” She begged her mom.

 She visited Kenneth and wanted fun but he refused her;
“I’ll not be a sex toy to you I want you to be my wife period!”

She told her sister that their mother requested to see her with urgency;
“But why does she want to see me with urgency? Do you have an idea?”
“If you go you’ll find out, is she not your mother?”
“My question is why the urgency?”
“If you go you’ll know.”

She is very worried as she expected call from his old firewood.
“Why did Harry not call? Did I read him right?” She kept asking unanswered questions.

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 She is closer to Doilu who is very helpful to her;
“What is eating you up my dear sister? Since yesterday you are withdrawn, a problem shared is half solved.”
She lied;
“It is nothing only having deep reflection.”
“Cheer up!” She whirled her around she always makes her laugh when she is depressed.

The Date
  Harry did appear and Doilu protested;
“I was very worried about you, why didn’t you call?”
“I am very sorry I travelled but all the same I should have called before then but the thing was I misplaced your card it was put into my coat which was taken to the dry cleaner. But all the same am back to make it up to you.”
“I am very sorry to disbelieve you way back that school, aunty Lisong made up the story just to break us up she was jealous as she had an eye on you and you have always rejected her as she was after her pound of flesh.”
“I am very happy that you now discovered the truth, she chased after me and when I totally rejected her she decided to spoil your mind against me. But I bore you no grudge and have also forgiven Lisong.”

She came back in high spirit dancing and singing.
“Why in this joyous mood? Have you win a lottery?”
“I won a jack pot we are back together.”
“You and who?” The duo asked.
“Of course my missing rib, sunshine Harry.”
The duo burst into uncontrollable laughter;
“That pauper! Harry a broke ass at school, where you not the one giving him provisions from your supply?” Buge asked with sarcasm.
“Does it matter now? He is ambitious, hardworking and has brains he will make it and I’ll support him to that end. One man’s meat is another man’s poison you look for selfish opportunism and money and I look for character. Oil and water do not mix.”

She went into the fashion shop to buy a designer bag; she bargained with the owner until they agreed on D3500 when the initial price was D4000. As she wanted to pay another customer entered saw the bag and got excited;
“Madam I want this bag it matches with my designer set of clothes and jewelry how much is it?”
“D3500 and this woman here has bought it.”
“I’ll give you D5000 I want it please sell it to me.”
“What! D5000?? She quickly packed it for her and Xalis protested.
“What are you doing madam? I am paying for it why sell it to another person?” The second customer took the bag quickly paid for it and left in a jiffy while Xalis hurled insults at the shopkeeper who totally ignored her and she also left angrily.
Outside she spoke to herself;
“Poverty is wicked and callous if it was not for poverty why should that conceited lady and stupid, greedy shopkeeper treat me with disrespect as I was a no body? I must be rich by hook or crook?”
While she was waiting for lift a young man approached her she checked him from head to foot and quickly saw that he is not rich.
“Why do you greet me? Where is your car?”
“A car?” The young man got startled.
“I have no car and I am unemployed.” She saw an ordinary phone with him;
“You cannot even afford an Android phone? Why should you talk to me with all these defects? Get lost!” As he tried to explain she slapped him;
“The rich guys are driving posh cars and you are here chasing after something you’ll never get.” The young man is peaceful he massaged his bruised cheek and left.
To be Cont.   

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