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Saayii Tolof – Part 198 EPISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu- Nyeti Xarit)


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The Internet Date
“Wretched, ugly, baboon, chimpanzee, a waste of time, a whole me and a Jongaama!” Buge spat out her anger.
Musu laughed to stupor.
“Is it about your internet date? “ She continued to laugh incessantly.   “Get out of here! What are you laughing about?” She scolded her younger sibling.
“I’m sorry!” She left still unable to hold together her laughter.
Xalis laughed heartily.
“That is Internet Date! It’s a lucky dip and please stop calling him names, he could have been Mr. Right you know,” she mocked at her.

She knocked at Doilu’s room.
She was already in bed.
“Come in, the door is not closed.” She got into the room and started to laugh.
“What is it? Can you share the fun with me?” Doi said.
“The internet date fiasco! She described the man with all sorts of ugly names.”
“Oh that’s why I did not see her from work. I’ll laugh, thank you for sharing the fun.”
Musu laughed;
   “I did not tell you.”
“Yes, I did not even see you.” The duo continued to have fun.

 He came looking for his date;
“What are you doing here?” She asked him.
“Why have you not been picking up my calls since our last date?”
“I have not been picking up your calls because I don’t want to, are you not intelligent enough to get that? Out of my compound and never to come again or else whatever you see is your own making.”

The Duo
 As the duo jogged Xalis asked Doilu to spy for her.
“I spotted him last week when I jogged alone, check his pocket to see whether he is worth pursuing.”
“It is unethical I’ll not do it.” But she pressurized her to do it against her will.

As Buge and her sister were waiting for some crew members Ken came to discuss with her before the start of the shooting but she scolded him.
“What is it Kenneth, leave me alone, you are just so boring!” She dragged her sister away while she left him stranded.
“But this is undone sis, Ken loves and cares about you and I think you should give him a chance.”
Buge frowned:
“But he is not my kind of man, we can have fun and that’s it, I cannot marry him, and moreover, what do you know about love?” She shut Musu up.

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The Result
   Doilu came and Xalis followed her.
“What did you find about Mr. X, is his pocket worth the pursuit?”
She gave her the slip which she checked and exclaimed;
“He has nothing and is not worth the pursuit.”
“Don’t ever ask me to do such a thing again, it is unethical.”

Xalis’ Family
Their poverty is intense, her brother finished High School and decided to do some apprentice work before she continued university education which is his ultimate ambition.
“I don’t want to waste, that’s why I want to learn trade I don’t want to end a pauper like papa who could not take care of his family.”
Papa was just inside his room when he heard him and protested.
“Are you saying I am a failure?”
“No papa but what I am saying is that I want to raise our family status or do you want us remain poor, rejected and dejected?”
Mama laughed heartily;
“You are right my son the good books said a man who cannot take care of his family is not a man at all.”
They quarrelled and almost went into blows.
“This is what I am talking about, the hardship of poverty has prevented the two of you to live amicably as husband and wife and I don’t want the same for my family.
I want to go to the city to ask my sister to help me.”
Mama objected.
“But your sister is not working but squatting with some friends, don’t go there to overburden her.”
But he insisted to go and seek help from her.

At the City
    He located the house and when he knocked at the door it was Musu who opened the door and also called his sister for him.

She was surprised to see him;
“Is everything okay?” She bombarded him with questions.
“How is everyone papa, mama? Why didn’t you ring me to find out about my situation? What about if you did not meet me around? This is undone.”
“Everyone is okay, it is about my WAEC I am to pay to be able to get my results to further my education at the university, I want to read Mechanical Engineering.”
“But you know I am unemployed, where can I get that amount of money? Sit down and wait, eat and let me see what I can do under the circumstances.”
She rang Doi and asked for any sort of assistance and she promised to assist.
“You’ll assist?” Doi answered positively.
“You are a darling, what could I have done without you? You are a God sent friend and confidante and I’ll never forget your assistance, a friend in need is a friend indeed!”
“It is not your fault, you are a graduate for god’s sake with no job at sight! I’ll help and you could have done the same if you were in my shoes.”
To be Cont.


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