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Saayii Tolof – Part 197 Nyaaka Doilu EPISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu- Nyeti Xarit)


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The Ugly Face of Poverty
 Xalis’ parents are always fighting and chiding each other washing their dirty linen in public. This particular day there was battering spree as Dada ran around the compound with a whip to flog Mama; the hauling of nasty insults was inevitable.
“What sort of marriage is this, will a sensible man batter his wife every time she asks for fish money?”
“A wife who always utters rubbish to her husband with no secrecy has to be battered to shut her up,” he posited.
Neighbours ignored their fights and squabbles:
“Are they at it again?” Yaa Kendaka asked Aunty Margo who answered in the positive.
“They are and I’ve avoided going in their direction before they throw me dirty water as was done to a city girl, their daughter’s friend to be precise who came visiting with their daughter some weeks ago. She was lucky what about if it was acid, hot water or hot oil?”

Xalis with Doilu
  “The guy has money, give him a chance whether he is arrogant or not is inconsequential,” Xalis advised.
“There is nothing wrong in what he said but how he said it, everything in one package, every girl but me and let me make it clear my basis of marriage is character and not cash.” Doilu laughed heartily at Xalis.

As she went to the eatery to eat lunch she came across an old university friend, they almost passed each other when she sighted him.
“Is this not Kenneth? So long, where have you been?”
“I travelled to the sub region after graduation and has just come back. I have an appointment with that Confidence Bank MD. I am trying to secure some loan to start my Soft/Hardware Computer Company.”
“That is my bank across the road.”
“What a coincidence, here is my card, can we have lunch tomorrow by this time at this venue?”
She checked at the card, smiled and said;
“Yes, it’s a date.”

At Home – The Three Friends
Buge admired her latest catch property where he took her for lunch:
“The mansion was something else, we ate, drank and have merriment, it is like I was in another country. He has money but I don’t like his looks, I am still searching for Mr. Right with money plus good looks.”

She came in somber mood in deep reflection Xalis noticed and asked;
“Since yesterday when you came from work you are quiet in deep contemplation. What’s up! Can we share?”

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At the Rehearsal
    Buge came and found every actor/actress waiting for the producer but he was yet to appear then she queried;
“Where is he? I cannot wait I have another appointment.”
But the others shut her up.
“You have just come why are you querying? What about us who were here since in the morning?”
“That is your business, it does not concern me, I am leaving.” She called Musu her younger sister to follow suit.
“But sister let us wait we’ve just arrived.”
“Shut up!” As she dragged her out of the place and asked her to get into the car which she did reluctantly.

 She waited for a lift and a man stopped to help her but she thoroughly examined his transport and queried;
“Why did you stop? Did I ask you for a lift?”
“You didn’t but I just pitied a beautiful damsel standing in this scorching sun and I felt obliged.”
She examined everything about him and started with buts:
“Your car is old fashioned, shabby and rusted, how do you think a whole me would get into such a transport? Haven’t you seen your mates driving the newest kind of jeep? Go with your bad luck, I don’t need your lift.”
“Okay, am sorry for bothering you.” She hissed at him.
As the man ignited his car the engine stopped and he came down to fix the problem and she laughed heartily at him:
“Look at this God forsaken creature trying to give me lift where?” She walked away from the man and his transport.

The Internet Date
Buge went to the hotel to catch a glimpse of her newest Internet Catch and she was dressed to kill.
First a society rated handsome guy came out ‘bogeying’ quite fit and athletic. She smiled widely at him but he did not reciprocate but rudely walked past her with disappointment.
Then few minutes later another stout, fit as a boxer but short in statute came out with broad smile but Buge’ eyes were still fixed on the gentleman who walked past her until he vanished into a nearby building. She then turned and focused at the entrance to the hotel to see whether her date has come out, who did she see?
A stout but short man with short teeth and short limbs with a broad smile as he uttered the words:
“You are beautiful even more than your picture has shown, am I not lucky to date such a star?”
“Is it you, my Internet date?”
“Yes it is me?”
With disgust she turned her car around and rushed out of sight with utter disappointment.
To be Cont.

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