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Saayii Tolof – Part 196 EPISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu – Nyeti Xarit)


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 The three friends Oulaye (Xalis), Charlotte (Doilu), and Alimatou (Buge) are now university graduates. The duo, Charlotte, a Banker, and Alimatou, an Actress, rented an apartment and harbour Oulaye, who is unemployed. Musukebba, Buge’s sister, who is going to school, also lives with the trio. Episode 16 discusses their lifestyles prior to their marriage.

At the Village
 Oulaye (Xalis) is from the village and her friend Charlotte (Doilu) gave her a lift to the village to visit her parents.

Poverty Ridden Family
  Xalis’ parents are poor and have difficulty in feeding the family and there is ‘money palaver at home all the time’. As the two friends were approaching the family house, the heard shouting and all of sudden dirty water was splashed out at Charlotte (Doilu) by mistake.
“What!” Xalis rushed into the house and scolded her parents.
“Look at what you have done! This is an embarrassment!”
The parents started to blame each other for the mishap.
“I’m very sorry! It’s your stupid mother who provoked me.”
“It was your irresponsible father who cannot feed his family.”
“Shut up both of you! Are you not ashamed of yourself washing your dirty linen in public?” she scolded them.
“You’ll never see me again,” she told them.

She left very angrily and very frustrated.

In the Car
Charlotte was already inside the transport.
“I’m very sorry for the action of such irresponsible parents who are always quarreling and embarrassing their children.”
“Be cheerful. I understand the situation and don’t be surprise that because of the economic hardship many families are broken and shattered. Don’t feel embarrassed. We are one and the same.”
“Thank you for your understanding, my good friend. What would I have done without you?”
“What are friends for? You would have done the same for me, if I were in your shoes.”

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She is a lady who enjoys being admired when driving as she would be waving and smiling. She drove to her boyfriend’s house and after having had a good time with him he queried.
“I want more than this Bu. I want to marry you. I’m I not good enough to be your husband?” he asked.
“Don’t start again. Have we not discussed this already?”
“I’m very tired of being a sex object to you,” protested Harry.

Nyeti Xarit
 The three friends described the kind of husband each intends to marry.
“My type of husband has to be rich in order to take me and my family out of poverty, period! I don’t care of what type of a man he is,” said Xalis.
“My type of husband has to be handsome, physically fit and rich,” said Buge.
“My type of husband has to be a hard working man with a very good character and above all to be someone who is loving and caring. Life has to be planned and focused.”
Xalis and Buge laughed at her as the two pay little regard to love.
The duo would be rebuking her: “Love! Love! Love! Do you eat, drink and shelter love? Don’t be an idealist.”

En route to Work
As Doilu was going to work, she had a breakdown with her vehicle. A supposedly Good Samaritan came along and gave her lift in his car to her work place while she called her mechanic to collect the car to his workshop and fix it.
Sheikh Tijan tried his luck on her and asked her for a date which she accepted.

At Home
Doilu dressed up to ‘kill’ her new bait and her friends gave her a thumbs up for the dress.  Then came a knock on the door.
“Come in!” said Doilu. A handsome guy by society’s standard walked into the sitting room and all eyes stared at him.
“Good evening!” he greeted.
“Come in and sit down,” said Doilu who was standing;”
“Can we?” he asked.
“Right after you!” said Charlotte.

“He is handsome!” Buge remarked.
“I don’t care about his looks. My question is, is he rich? Rich and handsome go together, and as for me it is wealth that I value most between the two.”
“As for me, the two qualities go together and that’s my opinion.”

The Date
Sheikh showed his ugly side which displeased and put off Doi at the first date.
He stereotyped female bankers whom he described as arrogant, possessive and being boastful.
“But you are different from them as you are well mannered and I think I like you.”
Doi was boiling inside and felt offended. She suddenly stood up and asked Sheikh to take her home.
“Take me home. It’s enough for the night.”
“What is wrong? We are just arriving?”
She refused to say a word to him as he shrugged his shoulders and also felt offended. Doi did not say a word until they reached home and did not even thank him.
“Not even a kiss?”

“Oh, thank you!?”

At Home
 The ladies were eager to get a gist of what transpired between Doi and her new ‘catch’.
“How did it go with Mr. Handsome? Are his pocket well loaded with cash?”
“Ask one question after the other. I’ll never date such a guy again. He is so conceited, boastful and arrogant!” explained Doi.
“What do you mean? What is arrogant of him?” asked one of the friends.
“He stereotyped all female bankers and was trying to command me as a junior. Gush, I felt so insulted.”
“Is he rich?” asked Xalis.
“Do I care?”
“If he is rich, I don’t care, just pass him to me to manage. Give me his number.” She laughed at Doi.
“You are so sick!” She rushed to her room to undress.
To be Cont. 

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