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Saayii Tolof- Part 195 EPISODE 15 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Oolu Chi Saayii)


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At the Village
   Omar confessed in front of his wife and in-laws and they were flabbergasted and withdrawn.

 “Chahaan, whom I thought was my best friend, duped me into believing that my wife was not to be trusted and asked me to put her to the test if I disbelieve him. I took the bait and cooked up the plan in which he found me some men who posed as armed robbers who would pretend an attack. They were to order me first to shoot my wife but I would refuse and they would then turned to Ngorr and order her to shoot. They were to pressurize her if she hesitates and would give her a gun with a blank bullet. It was expected that if she pulled the trigger and the bullet did not kill her husband she will become devastated, disgraced and live in regret.
I’m sorry for being a coward and not being able to stand up and defend my wife’s integrity but instead to subject her to such humiliation and defeat. I want you to find it in your heart to forgive me and give me a second chance.”

   She wept bitterly for this lack of trust demonstrated by her husband.
“This is the height of deception. You did your mess and make me suffer for nothing. What have I done to you to deserve such a humiliation? I gave you my love, my life, I do not want your money. I married you when you had nothing. This is a great insult and certainly you have bruised my heart. My soul is broken. But what can I do?” she held him up and asked him to sit down.
“What can I do as a woman of faith? I have forgiven you.”

   He could not believe his ears hearing such forgiveness.
“Have you forgiven me? Thank you! Thank you very much,” he said sitting down.

The Unexpected
The parents chipped in.
“We are overwhelmed by the whole episode but we are also grateful to Allah that your wife has forgiven you after all the trouble you got her go through. It’s okay. To err is human and to forgive is divine. And we are happy with the reconciliation,” said Baaba while Yaaye concurred.
Omar requested for Ngorr to pack all her belongings for them to go back home.
“I’m very sorry to test your bubble, even though I have forgiven you, I’m not going back to that house. I distrust you and cannot sleep in the same abode with you.”
“Are you joking? You are still my wife and I have not signed the divorce papers.”
“But I’ve signed them and the divorce proceedings have to proceed according to the lawyer.”
She protested and rushed out of the house.

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She asked to be excused by husband and in-law and went after her daughter.
She tried to counsel her.
“You have been absolved my daughter. Your accuser came back to confess and absolve you. Are you not the victor here? Go back to your matrimonial home. You have already suffered enough in the village.”

   “Allah forbid that I go back to Omar’s house. He planned evil against me and Allah has exposed him. Who knows what else he and his irresponsible friends will plan against me in the future?”

   He is embarrassed by Ngorr’ impulsiveness and apologized on behalf of the family.
“Forgive your wife’s folly but I’m sure things will work out well for your family. We will see what we can do.”

“Don’t force her. You need to give her time as she is hurt, but I’m sure Allah willing she’ll come back to her family. It is her home and we built it together. She is always welcome with open hands.”
Yaaye came back with a forced smile and gave the duo hope.
“She is deeply hurt but as time goes on by she will come around.”
   “It’s okay with me, I’ll give her all the time in the world because she is my missing rib and our home was built by the two of us.”
He dipped into his pocket and gave them handsome cash.
“Thank you for the trouble of looking after my wife all this while in your home.”
   They smiled and thanked him for the good things he’s done for them since he married their daughter and came into their family.

At the Village
   Amadou paid the family visit and was surprised that Ngorr was still there.
“What is she still doing here? I heard she and Omar have reconciled,” he asked his parents and not her sister.

She ignored her brother and addressed her parents directly.
“Omar has given you money for taking care of me all this while and I’m very grateful to him that I owe you nothing now and that no one can boast that he/she had contributed towards my welfare during my predicament.
Now, I’ll be leaving for the city to go and stay with my friend.”
“How are you going to manage your welfare at the city?” Amadou asked.
“It is none of your business and I’m not your responsibility,” she retorted to her brother. She turned to her parents to answer the question which they were worried about.
“My jewelries have been retrieved from Omar’s house and they have been sold. It is this money that I want to use to start up a restaurant where I’ll be selling food. I’ll never go back to Omar. To hell with him, his wealth and his name! I want to live a simple and quiet life and don’t want to be a liability to anyone. I retain by dignity, self-worth, self-esteem and honour,” she said, frowning at Amadou who became ashamed.

At the Barrister
Omar looks depressed and devastated as he sat down bowing his before Barrister Jones who he was begging not to proceed with the divorce.
“Help me bring back my wife. She is my jewel and my missing rib.”
“You deserve what you get. You have greatly wronged her by setting her up and making her suffer in the village in the midst of her peers and family. There is no forgiveness, it is tit for tat and you have to suffer what she had suffered.”

Back to the City
  Ngorr came for her belongings as she moved to the apartment Harr rented for her. Omar stooped and begged for her not to leave the house. She hesitated as she wanted to go back, reflected for a while and shook her head with clenched fist and then left banging the gate after her. Omar wept while the gateman shook his head in pain and regret.

Her New Life
 Harr counseled her to be strong and also to pursue the divorce and reclaimed her right in the property.
“Don’t make me angry. I have got money to start my restaurant business and I am sure it will be successful. Omar started from scratch and where is he now? While there is life there is hope, I’ll endure and Insha Allah I’ll succeed and I’ll be fulfilled that I zero utilize his money.”
“That is your decision even though I think the contrary but I respect it and wish you all the best.”
“Thanks my best pal that’s exactly what I need from you.”

Omar with Chahaan
What did I tell you that your property will be divided into two and you disbelieve?”
Omar frowned at him.
“Let me burst your bubble, your assertion is also wrong, my excellent wife whom you doubted and made me go into that stupid plan just to prove you wrong rejected my property and decided to start from scratch to make her own. Are you contented with that?”
“Are you kidding me? That cannot be true what kind of woman would do such a thing- ‘Ajaana Mariama’?”
“Ngorr has just done it and you can affirm with the barrister or go to her just established first class restaurant.
I reject you henceforth for destroying my peaceful home because of envy and jealousy. Ngorr advised me but I never took heed. What is the use of keeping our friendship when you destroyed my home and scattered my family?”
Chahaan was named and shamed;
“You encouraged it and please don’t blame me for your indecisiveness and stupidity. No scapegoatism and I don’t care whether we part ways, you are not my only friend.”

At the Boarding School
Omar called his daughter aside and pleaded with her when she asked about her mother.
“That’s why I’m here, mom rejected me and has started a new life in the city running a successful restaurant. Now it is only you and your brother Ham-Ham who can mend this family. Don’t let it go into shambles, if we do, other families will laugh at us. Please do something, we are at your mercy. I don’t want to lose my beautiful, peaceful family and I love my wife and my kids,” he pleaded and sobbed bitterly while being consoled by Tehet.

At Harr’ Shop
She called Ngorr on the phone and asked her to come and patronize her new arrivals which she did. And as she was there examining the goodies her phone rang.
“What? Where? At which hospital?” she was asking the person on the other side of the phone and wanted to leave but Harr intercepted her.
“What is it?”
“My daughter, Tehet, is involved in an accident which had some casualties.”
Harr asked her driver to take her to the hospital. She went straight to the reception in panic and found Omar seated and went to enquire from him and was shown the emergency ward. She went there and Tehet was not found there she wept and almost fell down. When she came out from the inner room, Ngorr embraced her. Omar came from behind and the family embraced each other, a complete reconciliation as the action said it all.


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