Saayii Tolof – Part 192 EPISODE 15 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Oolu Chi Saayii)


At the Village
 Mbissine came to the house to certify what she heard about mother and child at loggerheads to the point that they have malice for each other.

   “I’ve come to see Yaa Harr, is she around?”
“Do you have an appointment with her?”
“Do I need a permission to see a mother from the village or are we abroad?”
“Get out of our home before I commit murder! Get out you’ll not have anything to gossip about today!”
She hissed and left but before leaving she chided her:
“The mighty is fallen! Where are your mansion, cars and city privileges? What are you doing in this God forsaken village?”
“Get out of my house you filth, I have nothing to say to you,” Ngorr posited.

Mama’ Palaver
She came and found Ngorr asleep on the settee and she woke her up;
“Get up lazy bone! Who do you think will work for you to eat? Let us proceed to the farm and harvest our ripe crops.”
“Are we also going today?”
“If we don’t go who will harvest our crops or do you have hired hands?”
“Do I have money to pay them?”
“Then stop asking me stupid questions, let us go before the sun gets hot.”

Back Home
The duo came back home exhausted and very tired, never had they done such work before; Ngorr would send money for hired hands and as for herself it was unthinkable that such a sophisticated lady would work in the farm.

 In her house commanding and ordering servants running at her beck and call; as a philanthropist giving donations to people of need and patronizing ceremonies; as a lady of the family she assists them to ensure her people lacks nothing and she volunteered to sponsor students who are promising with good grades.
During Ramadan she and her friends sponsor meals for the needy and also provide them with meat and condiments during Eid and Adha feasts.

Back to the Present
 “Look at my deplorable condition? Why was I not preparing for today? I never saw it coming, I’ve not saved any money, I have no assets and he has already seized my trinket box that he bought for me.
My predicament taught me a great lesson. For once I never thought my own mother and brother would forsake me; look at my mom she has hidden her groceries on the pretext that I would finish it before time and it would not be replenished because my brother’s business has slowed down and he has warned her to be modest on how to use things; my brother wants me go back to my husband who has forsaken me and belittled myself to humiliation; he has forgotten that the seed money he started with was from my own savings.
My dad is a just human being, his position towards me has never change but I’ll make him proud again. I’ll rise up and would never allow myself to remain down, I am not a coward and I love to work and make money for my upkeep.”

Tries to ring Husband
“”Turi safara du boiye gamench. (Calling fire does not burn the mouth.) Let me try him to at least give me back my trinket box for me to see what I can sell to use as seed money to start a petty business.” She rang and rang to no avail as he later put off his phone to be unreachable. She became devastated and wept bitterly.

She Rings Barrister Jones
He picked up the phone when he saw her number;
“Madam Ngorr! How do you feel? It’s been a while.”
“Barrister I am not fine at all, I am at the village.”
“At the village doing what? Is everything alright?”
“I am finished.”
“Do you have a problem with your husband?”
“Yes, he is your bosom friend and you are the only one he listens to.”
“Put off your phone I’ll ring you back to preserve your credit; I want to hear the whole truth before I can say anything.”
He rings back.
“Now I am all ears, spill the bin.”

“We were to attend his younger sibling Lolly’s wedding in the neighbouring state, the ward we brought up together he decided to test his new vehicle convincing me to travel by road instead of by air in order to visit villages, towns en route to buy souvenir, taste different cuisines and enjoy nature along. We were to travel for two days before the actual date for the wedding; on the fateful day armed robbers intercepted us and gave us guns to shoot at each other. Before they started the process they asked us what we were to each other, Omar told them I am his wife, then they turned and asked me the same question and I answered the same, but later changed it to brother then back to husband. Then one instructed him to shoot at me but he refused, then he asked me to do the same I hesitated but he shouted at me then I pulled the trigger at him but luckily it turned out to be a blank bullet; then they ran away not taking a dime from us.
I was ashamed and could not look my husband in the face, then I took a cab and rushed to my village. Since then my dad and brother saw him twice but he would not set eyes upon me and has threatened divorce. I still love my husband and do not want him to divorce me; we were married abroad by registry and when we came back we did it in the Muslim way when our parents insisted.”
“Okay I’ve heard but he has to be human, your union has gone a long way and should not be terminated on flimsy excuses. I’ll talk to him face to face and get back to you.”

With Omar at His Office
They had a frank talk:
“What is your story I have to hear from both sides before passing my judgment.”

Omar’s Narration
 “You are now talking to an otherwise dead man; I was fortunate that it was a blank bullet, what about if it were otherwise? She aimed at me and pulled the trigger; she is an evil woman who wanted to kill and inherit my wealth with her family; I want to divorce her and will use legal proceedings; our marriage in England was by registry and that is what I am going to use.”

Barrister Jones
   “I’ve heard you but this looks like a set up, I’m appealing that your wife was cornered and as a woman in distress what do you expect her to do? She hesitated but when put under duress she yielded; it could happen to any one of us. Don’t talk about divorce now, think about your two beautiful children and how such a decision will affect their lives; don’t act in a hurry only to come back in regret.”
To Be Cont.