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Saayii Tolof – Part 188 EPISODE 15 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Oolu Chi Saayii)


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Tijan and Omar
 Before the Incident.
Omar boasts about his wife Aminata whenever he wines and dines with his friend Tijan.   “My wife is the best. She loves, respects and honours me and can even give her life for me to live.”
Tijan laughed incessantly.
“That’s a lie. There is no woman, whatsoever, who can give her life for a man not even her husband. However, if you believe in the contrary, can you prove it?”
“Yes, we can bet. Name your price!”
“1 million dalasi will do.”
Omar laughed heartily.
“1 million dalasi is small. Can you make it D2million? I know I can’t lose in this bet.”
“It’s a deal!”
“Yes, a done deal.”

After the Incident
 “Now it is my time to enjoy, didn’t I warn you not to trust any human being no matter whom it is? Your trust should only be entrusted to God, Allah the Almighty. Now to the bet, give me my D2million.”
With anger Omar drew a cheque of D2 million dalasi and gave it to his friend who started boasting about it.
“I’m now D2 million dalasi richer,” he said mockingly to his friend.
“Bring back your wife. This small incident does not warrant you to divorce your wife of 15 years who bore you two beautiful children, a boy and a girl.”
“Neigh! I can’t take her back. She has taken away my trust for women.”

At the Bar,
Before the Incident
A woman walked in and sat at a corner.
“Some people are just created from heavens, just look at that lady.,” Omar commented.
“Do you love her?” Chahaan asked.

Omar hesitated and then asked: “How could I? I’m I not a married man with two kids? What can she give me which my wife cannot?”

Chahaan went to check on the lady with soothing words just to woo her for his friend. As soon as he left, the lady walked towards Omar to approach him and then he ate the bait.
“I’ve already booked two rooms. The game has started when you are done then alert me,” Chahaan told Omar.

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She is very worried.
“But this is not his style. He always calls back when he is tight so as not to let her be waiting for him and worried.”

She rang and he answered the call.
“Where are you? Is everything alright? Are you still hanging out with bad friends?” she enquired.

He lied: “I am at the Rotary Club’s annual meeting which went through the night. I was about to ring you but misplaced my phone and have just found it now and was debating with myself whether I can come or stay until early in the morning before returning home. What do you say?” he asked.
“You can stay for the rest of the night and can come back after having your breakfast in the morning. You know I hate driving in the night. Good night! I love you!”
“I love you more,” he responded with a deep sigh of relief.
Tahawalu smiled.
“Men! Who are we to trust? That’s why I’ve decided to have fun, enjoy life and never to be married again,” she said.

Omar rang Tijan and he came out of his room.
“Listen carefully. I told Aminata that I was at our annual Rotary meeting which went through the night and if she happens to ask you about it just tell her the same story.”
“No problem. Just enjoy yourself murderer!” Chahaan snapped.

In the Morning
“What have I done under your influence? This is the first time I’ve cheated on my wife and I hate myself for my weakness. I’ve already spent a lot of money on Taha and cannot see what she has done which my wife cannot and with more security and no expenses at all,” he asked.
“It is not a big deal. I’ve already done it with harems of girlfriends. It just makes life sweeter,”  said Chahaan, assuringly.
“I have to redefine my life and not to allow you ruin it with this type of nonsense and cheating.”

At the Village
 Amadou wanted Aminata to immediately leave for her husband’s house.
“She is a married woman and has to go back to her husband. We don’t want our family to become a laughing stock. What will people be saying other than claim that my eldest sister has been divorced by her husband? That is a disgrace for our family.”
Baa cautioned her.
“She is my eldest child and you should give her respect. She cannot be forced to go back to that house. We have to tread with caution as our people say “there is no bush to throw away pickin (child)”. Let’s leave her alone to decide wisely for herself as this is a delicate matter which does not require rash decisions from us.”

 She knows her brother’s family as they brought her up.
“Omar is hiding something from us as all is not well with his family. I called Aminata several times but she wouldn’t pick the calls and my brother would not help me talk to her and I investigated and knew that she is out of the house. The robbery attack was a false story and there are issues to be settled in their family.”
Harry concurred and then decided to ring Omar. After exchanging greetings with him, he asked about his wife and he tried to evade the question but when he insisted to speak to Aminata, he put off his phone and Harry narrated the incident to Lolly.

The Duo Revisited
  Baa and Amadou revisited Omar to impress upon him to forgive his wife.
“She is just a woman, you have to forgive her and know it is an unusual situation and could happen to anyone, especially a desperate woman. Don’t destroy what you have built for 15 years with two beautiful kids who are a promising boy and girl. This is my candid advice,” said Baa.
Amadou associated himself with all what Baa has said and praised their in-law.
“We understand your situation. You are a very good man and you made me what I am today; you gave me life; made me a responsible man to be able to build a decent house for my parents at the village and support their upkeep. You have also taken good care of your family and we are very proud of you. But as Baa has said, forgive your wife. She is but a woman who was in a tricky corner. Any decision you take should also consider your two wonderful kids.”

He became a totally different person who was emotional and rude.
“I’ve heard both of you. Are you not defending your own? She wanted to kill me and had she succeeded, would I be talking to you by now? I distrust her and cannot be in this marriage again. Let me not see her anywhere near my premises again and if I do, we will all regret that we ever know each other. As for the children, they will not be affected in any way. I’ll take good care of them. But as for your daughter, she should now expect divorce proceedings.”

He got up and left them stranded in the room.
To be Cont. 

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