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Saayii Tolof – Part 187 EPISODE 15 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Oolu Chi Saayii)


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His parents summoned him to the village to come and helped them solve Aminata’ puzzle and he answered to the call.
He went to Aminata and spoke to her.   “We are two siblings you can hide from anybody but not me. What is it sis? Why are you here at home leaving you matrimonial home?”
   “Forget about me and go back to your business, I’m fine.”
“Are you accused of adultery or any other abominable thing?”
They exchanged bitter words.
“Order me to go back if you have the might. Who are you? That’s why we still call you ‘yabate’. Are you not rude to your elders? Who set your business for you? Is it not my husband and on whose behalf did he help you? What about your house? Look back and retract your hurtful words.”
“I’ll not withdraw anything until you come back to your senses.”

The Family Strategize
 Amadou came back and disclosed his findings.
“She would not budge. I think I have to go to our in-law in the city and enquire about the problem.”

Baa thought hard and then said:
“Let me go and handle it myself. It might be better for an elderly person to deal with such sensitive matters.”
“No, we can go together and deal with it and let us not involve any outsider who can go out and gossip about our family,” Yaa suggested.
The duo finally decided to pay their in-law a visit in the city.

At the City
 The duo arrived and met Tehet who went to call her father. Hesitantly, he came down to meet them.
After the exchanging of pleasantries, they went straight to the point.
“We are here to enquire why your wife came home after leaving her matrimonial residence. We enquired from her but she kept mute.”
“That said it all! I did not send her home. She came on her own volition and will come back upon her own free will.”
“It is only a foolish elder who will stay inactive after seeing his she-goat delivered in tethers.”
“My in-laws, you see, I was very busy when you came. I have to go back to what I was doing. You can also take Tehet along if you want to.”
He left leaving the duo as confused as ever. They left immediately with disappointment.

“You heard him, dad? Aminata has to come back to her matrimonial house, period!”
“Take it easy my son, not too fast. We have to tread with caution and change strategy.”

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Father and daughter
 “What did they say dad?” Tehet asked.
“Nothing, your mom refused to talk and they came to me to talk to them but I have nothing to say. She left on her own and will come back as well.”
“I cannot understand that she cannot even pick my calls.”

At the Village
 The duo returned with no clarity on the issue. So they went to confront Aminata.
“The merry go round has to stop. Why are you here when your husband said you came on your own and have to return on your own home?”
“Is that what he said? I’ll talk!”

She mustered courage and started narrating everything..

The Narration
 Lolly Orrma Omar’s sister was to be wedded by registry in the neighbouring state and invited the couple to stand for her as a witness. Omar decided to travel by land in order to test the engine of his new car and for them to enjoy the adventure of land travel, stopping at major towns, big villages to meet people and enjoy local delicacies and to take pictures enroute as well.
“I was skeptical but conform just to please him. We travelled a distance then the fateful incident. We were intercepted by a vehicle driven by armed robbers who appeared. They first pointed their gun at him and he was asked to shoot at me but he refused. Then came my turn when a gun was given to me and I was asked to shoot at him. I hesitated but when they insisted, I pulled the trigger and shot at him but realized it was a blank bullet. They left without taking anything. I was shocked after realizing what I’ve done. I cannot lay my eyes on him. I was so ashamed that I hired transport and came straight home. How can I now lay my eyes on a man I professed to love? It was so horrible!”
There was a sigh of deep relief.
“A heavy burden has been uplifted from my shoulders.
Thank God, it was blank bullet and you have not killed anybody. Your husband should understand that it was situational that his case was different but it is not anyone who could resist such a thing,” Baa consoled.
“How can I go back to a man I almost kill out of fear? He is angry with me and can never forgive my action and that is my dilemma” explained Aminata.

At the City
 Tijan Chahaan his best friend gave him a proverb.
“The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. Boy, bring back your wife. She loves you and is a devoted wife by all standards. Let us quench the fire we ignited. Was it not your initial plan of putting your wife to the test? Swallow your pride and do the right thing,” he advised.

 “Over my dead body would I ever take back that murderous woman who pulled a trigger at me. If there were bullets, I would have been dead by now. She pulled the trigger when I did not do the same. Where is her professed love? I can never live under the same roof with her, period!”
“It was due to circumstances. You were part of the plan. Imagine if you were not? Please be fair to the noble lady.”
“Whatever the case, I would have never killed my wife. I love her so much. Wives are not mothers, they marry us for our prestige, our cash. I trust my daughter, my mother. When I’m dead she would remarry and enjoy my property.”
“The lesson is don’t trust on anyone but Allah, God the almighty, now let me have my D2million bet and now!”
To be Cont.


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