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Saayii Tolof – Part 185 EPISODE 15 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Oolu Chi Saayii)


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Aminata (Gooryombul) married husband Omar (Nyaaka Oolu) when they were in their late teens as parents and society frown at their ages;
“Are they mature enough to marry? Look at how childishly they behave all the time in the streets, wrestling and playing?” These are some of the frequent comments from friends and neighbours.   Nonetheless, they got married and endured. Fate was on their side as both of them graduated. Omar took a loan through the guarantee of a rich uncle and started his building construction firm which grew into a big company, employing over 1000 young men and young women. He was getting contracts from both the government and private sector because of the good reputation of his company.
He boasts to his friends about his wife’s good luck (worsack);
“We got married from scratch when we were fresh from high school and in our late teens. Look at how rich I have grown now with this big company with lot of employees and I thank God for that. But above all, my wife is a saint; she loves me with her life,” he said.
“Are you sure? Put your trust in Allah and not in human beings not even your dear wife,” said Tijan (Chahaan), his friend.
When Chahaan made such a remark, it struck a chord in his brain and he started to nurse an idea he had kept secret until it was executed. What was this idea? Read to find out.

   Aminata’s father (Gomm Gamo), Pa Chobaan is a quiet, peaceful and easy going man. Since his in law set up his only son’s business which is now doing very well and the son Amadou, nicknamed by Aminata and the others as ‘Yabate’, built them a duplet at the village and regularly provides the fish money. He has also sent both parents on the Hajj pilgrimage and the villagers now call him Amadou Dolarr, which is a name he likes, as he protests to Aminata and friends to stop calling him ‘Yabate,
“Now I am a big shot and you should be addressing me by my new name and not that old derogatory one.”
“To us you are still Amadou ‘Yabate’ because you are still ‘yabate’ as you call your elders by their names,” retorted Hajiratou, Aminata’s friend.

At the Village
Aminata came in a jiffy as she walked past her parents who were surprised to see her come home unannounced.
They enquired.
“Luu wangha di doh noor? (Why is the blister beetle moving about during the dry season?”) Why did you come home unannounced?”
“Nothing!” she responded as a short answer.
“Nothing! But that is not a plausible explanation. Why did you leave your matrimonial home and come back to your father’s house with “nothing” as an explanation?”

Baaba Gamo then ordered his wife to confide with their daughter in order to get an accurate answer as to why she has came to her father’s home.

Mama Horejah Harr
 She went with their daughter to the interior of the house and asked her the same question.
“Why are you here? Is there any problem with your husband?” asked the mother.
“Mama, I’m okay. There is no problem with my husband or any other person for that matter,” she yelled.
“Are you kidding me, because you know that is a hot lie as you are not telling me the truth?” Yaa Harr Horejah challenged as she returned to Baaba Gamo.
“She said nothing!” Yaa Harr reported back to her husband.
“But this is very serious. We cannot force her to talk as she is an adult. What are we going to do?”

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At the City
Tehet Bijou came back from boarding school and asked after her parents.
“Where are my parents? I missed them a lot,” she told Ndig Dodou.
“Have you not alerted them before you come? They have gone to attend Aunty Lolly Orrma’s wedding in Dakar.”
“Have they travelled by air?”
“Daddy decided to test his new car to enjoy the scenery, to shop and to dine and while en route they want to have an exciting journey to and fro.”
“That’s nice but I’ll be very lonely in this mansion.”
“How is Ham? He did not come?”
“Ham is a book worm. He is studying for his external exams.”
“Are you the mommy/daddy girl?”
“Yes, I am. Are you jealous about it?”
“Not at all, you are welcome Teh!”
“Thank you Ndig,” she entered the big house.

Omar (Nyaaka Oolu)
He came back depressed as Tehet welcomed him.
“Welcome dad! Where is mommy? Why haven’t you come with her? And how is it that you’ve come back so soon?”
“One question after another, I cannot answer all your questions at once, Teh!”
“Okay the most important question first, where is mommy? I missed her a lot.”
“Here is my phone. You know her number speak to her.”
“But what is easier you both went together just answer me where is she? Is she okay?” Omar became impatient with his daughter and pleaded with her to let her be.
“I don’t know where your mother is. She left me and ran away to where I cannot tell you. I think she is depressed. Give her a call to hear from the horse’s mouth.”
Teh became frustrated and went into tantrums.
“I don’t know where my mother is. If anything happens to her I’ll report you to the police as you are acting strangely.”
“You are already taking sides before knowing what has transpired. Your mom went on her own and what was I supposed to do? Go after her and bring her home? What would you have said if I had done that? Would you not have accused me a sadist who is violating her right? Here is my phone, satisfy your curiosity.”

Teh takes the Phone
 She rang but Aminata refused to take it. She dialed continuously without inorder to irritate her to answer the phone but to no avail.
“Daddy, she is not picking it up. Why is she not picking up my calls?”
“Are you blaming me for that too?”
“Not at all! I’m blaming her for not picking my calls. She has a case to answer when she returns.”

At the Village
    She sat on the floor shattered and torn apart while sobbing bitterly.
Her mom, Yaa Harr, consoled her.
“Why are you killing yourself? Is there anything in this world that has never happened? Whatever you may do or have done have been committed by someone before. You just take it easy upon yourself and speak out my daughter. A problem shared is half solved. Speak out my daughter. I am all ears.”
To be Cont.


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