Saayii Tolof – Part 183 EPISODE 14 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Wahtaan Chi Saayii)


At the House
Sack is devastated and felt lonely Maagal came and asked for his mom,
“Where is my mom, is she not back?”
“She went out to visit a friend and has asked to be left alone, her phone has been given to me by Yaaye and she will be back by tomorrow hopefully.” Sack appeased his son.
Sack suffered depression and is very guilty.
At Daamel House
He visited Daamel and announced his decision,
“My wife has cancer and is dying and we have to quit the relation. She needs me now and I have to give her 100% attention, she is a noble woman who has sacrificed all her life for her family and it is now time to pay back her good deeds.”

She is shocked with disbelief.
“What do you mean? You cannot leave me now when we are deep into it, you got me out of my single life shell how can you abandon me now? Is it love or pity that you have for her?”

“It is not a pity but deep love, I was deceiving myself but have never stopped loving her, she is part of me and I cannot abandon her now that she needs me the most, you are a beautiful damsel who has the world ahead of her, forgive my transgression and let go, name your price and I’ll handsomely settle you for the waste of time.”

“Are you serious of quitting or just trying to pull my legs? Why are men selfish? You have family problems, came into my life professed love for me, I took the bait now I am deeply into it and you just come again and call it quits, I’ll be damn to accept it! I don’t need your money, I have enough to take care of myself don’t insult me by promising to settle me.” She scolded him and went into tantrums.
Sack pleaded with her but she refused as she felt being used and dumped. Sack drove away as she chased after him.
Daamel paced up and down very emotional and depressed.

He stopped his car sat on the ground in front of it and yelled;
“What have I done to my life? Daygou! Where are you? Come back to me, I promised never to hurt you again! It was in an illusion to find happiness outside matrimony but I was wrong happiness everlasting and durable can only be found inside matrimony.” He sobbed bitterly.

At Home
 Maagal came and asked for her mom again,
“My mom is still not back?” He is depressed as dad gave him courage to give mom more time.
“My wife will be back God willing!” He said aloud.

She took taxi to Samacat Counseling Centre she found Pastor with some women and signaled her to meet her out. Samacat came out and met her.
“Where have you been? Your family is worried Yaaye came to find you here but was disappointed.”
“I am in Hotel Taranga but have run out of cash, can you help me settle it to be paid later? I don’t want to go home.”

 She invited her to attend the counselling which she did. Pastor invited her to stay with her until she helps her to sort out and she agreed.

At Pastor’ Residence
Yaaye came to pay her a visit and was thrilled when she found Day, she rushed and they hugged each other with great excitement.
“Where have you been? We have searched everywhere; your husband is now a shadow of himself, he has become a hermit, office, home, and no leisure again always calling after his wife and blaming self for the episode. How do you feel now?”
“As you see I am coping but very tired.” Day replied.
“Your husband has turned a new leaf.”
“She will stay for a while and I’ll take her to my physician in a specialist hospital who will give her thorough checking to ascertain the state of her ailment and what next to do.”

Nightmare Dream
 “I want to jump!” Day threatened her husband.
“Don’t jump Sweet Heart I love and cherish you! Please come home.” He pleaded.
“I’ll not go to Daamel she is the love of your life and you promise to marry her.”
“No! No! I’ll not marry her it is you that am married to.”
“It is a lie!” She jumped into the river and got drown Sack yelled and woke up.
“The blood of Jesus! The blood of Jesus!” He woke up in cold sweat and yelled,
“No! I cannot lose my wife!”

He knocked on the door and called his father;
“Dad someone is knocking on the gate very hard and is speaking loudly.
“Okay, l’ll go and check what’s happening.

At the Gate
Daamel came looking after Sack as security Jaabel refused her in she fought him and went into tantrums hurling insults at Jaa.

He came out and she scolded him,
“He-goat! You ran away from me after giving me belly.”
Jaabel exclaimed,
“Belly!” D.K gave him a slap,
“I’ll kill you if you dare say a word again!”
“It’s okay, can we do pregnancy test?”
“What sort of nonsense? Settle me for 10 million dalasi and I’ll get rid of it.”
“10 million! Is that for real?” Jaa exclaimed as D.K hit him again,
“Don’t comment on my affairs! Can you manage the gate and leave me alone?”
“You have deceived me posing as a lady now I know you a lumpen and no class lady, come in for me to write the cheque.”

He protested as they went to the sitting room,
“Look at this foolish so-called married man, you abandoned your wife and son went out to a street girl, get her pregnant and she is now demanding D10 million just to abort the baby to save your skin while you refused to increase the salary of your home staff paying them D2000 at least for security service. What a contradiction! When some of us queried he said we are eating from the house, is that an argument compared to what he promise to give this stupid lady?”

Inside the Sitting Room
Yaaye came in a fighting posture as D.K sat on the settee waiting for Sack to bring the cheque.

To be Cont.