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Saayii Tolof – Part 182 EPISODE 14 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Wahtaan Chi Saayii)


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At Worsack’ Home
Sack paced up and down cursing and swearing.
“Where is this useless, dull woman?” he asked while checking the time on his watch and hissing.
“Has she started to play bond with men? She has to explain herself.”

The Duo
  Both Day and Yaaye entered the main sitting room exhausted. Day asked Yaaye to get her some water to drink. While Yaaye went to bring her the water she requested, Sack came out from his room and confronted her.

I arrived home since 12 noon and now check the time you are coming home? Are you mad? Have you start to run around? If I found out the truth I’ll so deal with you!” He raved and ranted.

You are mad and I’ll not answer you, would you leave me alone to mourn in peace?”

   She came from the kitchen and found Sack yelling, raving and ranting;
“Why are you shouting at her? Are you a murderer? Do you know what your wife was hiding from you all this while? She does not want to bother you with her problems, she does not want to spoil your happiness, she loves you so much that she does not want you to live in misery, your beautiful wife here is suffering from Cancer all these years since she turned into this sour figure>”

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The Shock and Bewilderment
“When did you learn about this and why was I not told?”

It was just few hours ago that I learnt about it when she opened up to me and Pastor.” She gave Day the water but as her hands shake the glass of water crashed upon the floor she got up and headed for the door Sack tried to stop her but she rushed out from the compound into the street and out of sight.
Sack rushed out of the compound into the streets searched the neighbourhood and she lost out of sight. Sack came back asked Gorgi to open the gate and he drove out in search of her; he stopped people and describe his wife but none seem to have met her.

He came back devastated and shocked absence they say makes the heart grow fonder, he started to value his wife more than ever. He sobbed bitterly;
“What have I done to myself? Why did I maltreated my lovely angel of a wife, she served well but I’ve never notice, I’ve searched everywhere but she could not be seen I’ve also noticed all the police stations around the neighbourhood, I’ve also given them her bio data and contact address be very alert to the incoming calls. I’ve called her phone but it is not picking.”
Yaaye gave him her phone,
“Here is her phone she left it here.”
“If my wife comes back treat her as a Queen because she is my Queen our people say one does not value his/her back until she/he wants to sit down and cannot sit.”

He is fond of both parents he is also depressed when he did not see mom the whole day when he came back from the library. He went to dad and queried,
“Mom what is happening? I tried to phone mom but she is not picking and I later learnt from Aunty Yaaye that she left her phone with her, where is mom is she not coming home today? I miss her dearly.
“We all miss her but she asked for space and surely she will return tomorrow, go and eat your food and enjoy your educational films, I’ll join you later and tell your bed time stories.”
“It is okay dad we are both depressed I’ll fine my way through am I not a big boy? I want to be independent to make mom proud when she comes back.” Sack drew his son and hugged him,
“Both mom and dad are proud of you.”
“Thank you dad I am going to bed.”

Guilty Conscience
  Sack’s guilty conscience turned into depression always blaming self for wife’s predicament and how he will make amends if she is ever found.

To be continued


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