Saayii Tolof – Part 173 EPISODE 13 (Difficult Marriages – Sins of Our Parents)


The Couple

    They found each other after all the tests they put upon themself as they reflected upon how their parents have punished their spouses. They decided to open up their family history first with Pa Ambi.

My History
 ‘My dad was a perfect gentleman nice, cool, calm and collected a true Christian giving, helping and counseling he lived by his faith; he married my mom a worldly woman, arrogant, vain pride, and flirtuous she showed dad hell of a life.
Before she gave birth to me, dad was occupying a high post in the police force and did everything for her comfort in fact he gave her the seed money for her later prosperous business. When she became a big time business woman travelling all over the world she developed her flirtuous behaviour when she met men in big places in comparison dad was framed up at the work place by jealous rivals and was terminated and paid his gratuity; again mom hoodwinked him to give her all the money to add to her establishment which he did out of genuine love.
Mom usually boasts to her business friends,
“With black assurance I’ve tied him around by waist and he does everything I ask of him even to give me his life.”
Due to his calm behaviour people believe what mom say which made him lose respect in the public eye.

Change Roles
 To make him a perfect tool mom ensured she made him remain poor and helpless, he became disempowered.
Dad does the household chores as mom discharged her household staff;
“I am doing the business all over the globe to bring the money for the family welfare while you sit down playing draught with your teenage son aren’t you lazy and also teaching him how to become lazy just like you? From hence forth household chores is your duty also teach your son to help you in his spare time to make him useful to himself and to his future household.”
Is not that I hate household chores my upbringing makes me to love the dignity of labour but it was how mom says it with condescension looking down on work which created the world. Nonetheless my peaceful dad took it with dignity. But the most irritating aspect is how she insults and belittles him daily; it is always shouts, insults, and innuendoes. Sometimes I’ll bust out and caution her,
‘What is it?’ I’ll shout; ‘Is he not your husband? If you treat him as shit how would society treat him?’ But she would shout back at me and said,
‘Like father like son, ‘born me a fever you, ‘Kewel duu top Dommja bota’, that was how my erratic mother treats my dad.
On the fateful day that changes our lives forever
In the morning as mom was making up to go to work and dad helping me dress up for school mom yelled at him as usual,
‘Samuel! Samuel! You better hurry up don’t make my son late for school!’
Dad answered,
‘I am helping him just give us time.’
‘It is time I don’t have just ensure he is not late and also buy him sweets on your way out you broker don’t tell me you couldn’t.’ She still yelled at him.
Dad accompanied me to school went to the pub have some few drinks came back for me as we strolled home.
What did we see?
A posh car parked by our gate and a guard stood by it we walked past him and Pa greeted him and we heard some giggle laughter inside the house dad peeped and signaled me to enter and what did we see? Mom was there hooked with a lover romancing right there in our face, we walked past her and they disentangled and we heard the man asking her,
‘Who is he?’
She laughed over it;
‘It is my late husband’s brother from the village poverty he came to look for something to do in the city and I employ him to do the household chores there is no free meal as they say.’
‘Okay!’ They giggled their way downstairs.
Dad rushed into his room and I left for my room.
What’s next?
Dad took out poison and drank it; as I went to see him I found him squeezing his tommy and foams coming out of his mouth I yelled,
‘Daddy! Daddy! What have you done to yourself?’
Mom was at the gate with her lover who gave her a cheque she smiled and they fondled each other,
‘All this for me? Boss you are too much!’
‘You are sweet and all for my dear lady!’
Mom came up singing lullaby and heard my yelling she rushed up and found dad stone dead.
She yelled,
‘Samuel not now I did it for us two million dalasi cheque to set up your business, please don’t die.’ She sent me to get her car keys.
Dad was drove to hospital and pronounced dead as soon as we arrived.
The family became devastated and gossip was rife.
‘She killed him slowly without a bullet,’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Don’t you see how her recent lover took over the place, his guard told his friend who happen to be my brother that the day the husband committed suicide he came home with his son from school found the wife and lover frolicking and when the lover asked her who he was she said he is her late husband’s village brother who came to find work and she employed him as a house boy to be taking her son to and fro school and also doing the household chores.’ ‘He died of heart complain the shame a heavy burden to shoulder.’
Mom was shocked with shame and disgrace as the community discussed about her escapades.
I grew up a secluded life fearful of women because of how my mother treated and humiliated my father until I met you and my mindset changed.
Since we got married I’ve put you to many tests just to confirm that you are different from my mom but you pass all of them which endeared you to me and confirm our marriage.
I swear I’ll never lay a finger upon you again you are my missing rib and I’ll have a better future than my dad and thank you very much for giving me a better understanding of woman and eradicate my stereotype of women now I know better that among women are the good, better and best as well as the bad, worse and worst and the same thing applies to men.
To be Cont.