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Saayii Tolof – Part 170 EPISODE 13 (Difficult Marriages – Sins of the Parents)


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Njoms family reconciled and they are now waiting for Pa Ambruce’s emissaries to start the marriage project. 
Alhajj is happy with Ambi’s posture,   “He is a respectful young man who loves and appreciates our daughter,” he told Sagaar, his wife, who concurred.

He was well informed by the lovers and he in turn posted it to Mama D who became thrilled.
“Give him time he will bring his fiancée to you,” Ayou told her.

Mama D
The lovers visited her and she was thrilled. She entertained them to the best of her ability and invited close business associates and family members.
“I know Alhajj for a very long time and also your mom who is a great woman of passion entertaining and welcoming all sorts of people into their abode. When she died suddenly, the whole nation and people far and wide attended her funeral and mourned her. You’ll be a good wife for my only son and would never betray her. I’ve already given my blessing on behalf of my belated husband.”
“Thank you mom, we appreciate. Now we have chosen a date for the ‘taaka jabale’ and try and get two of my uncles from both paternal and maternal sides to accomplish the mission.”
“It will be done and with immediacy,” stressed Mama D.

Happy Marriage
The ceremony went very well and everybody was satisfied. People came to pay homage to her late mom who had patronized a lot of people from all walks of life. Alhajj ‘miras’ himself (gave out everything he had).
“This is my first and only daughter and my wealth has been made with her mom’s contribution. Nogoi was the maiden of my youth and may her soul rest in perfect peace,” said Alhajj, who wept bitterly.

Aja Nogoi, even dead is in the mind of people, she did serve in one way or the other during her life time. Alhajj wept when he recalled memories about his late wife. Other family members, friends and neighbours also spoke well about her. Sagaar was trying to accommodate everything but her heart could no longer pretend and she again showed her true colour after the ceremony. Instead of getting closer to Njoms, she stood her distance and Alhajj noticed this and protested.
“Why are you still distancing yourself from our only surviving daughter? Njoms and her husband have visited us many times but you are yet to visit and bless their home.  I am not feeling well, that’s why I have not gone there.” Alhajj posited.
“Are you done? First correction, she is not my daughter but yours and moreover, during the ceremony, I noticed that I was marginalized and your dead wife was on top of everything and her name in every one’s mouth. What have I done to deserve such a treatment from everyone, even from you my husband? I have to take it easy because whatever I’ve done for this family will not be appreciated by anyone, so why should I worry?”
“You are a very selfish little girl! Where were you when Aja Nogoi and I made the money you are now enjoying? What have you done to add to the wealth? What have you done for the community to earn their trust and love? You are only interested in my wealth and how to enjoy it with your greedy parents. Now my eyes are wide open and your juju has never affected me. I thought you love me but I now know better, just as my daughter told me before. It is my wealth that you love not my person and since you lost the twins, you’ve become a different person. Aja Nogoi made me but if you want to live in the past you have the liberty to do so, but I’ll never let you go between my daughter and I let me tell you that I can marry up to four wives if I wish to because I can afford it.”
Sagaar went into tantrums and said all kinds of nasty words to Alhajj who threatened to divorce her but Njoms and her husband intervened and asked dad to be more patient with her.
“She is a young woman who has just lost her twins which made her very bitter. Please, bear with her and be more patient,” pleaded Njoms.
Aja Ndaate came over to take care of things and she very much appreciated Njoms and Ambi for their positive intervention and scolded her daughter whom she described as being naughty.
“You are the cause of the home conflict. How can you be competing with a dead woman who made her home which you inherited? Her daughter and her husband treated you well but you still cannot accommodate them. I am not like you as an old person. I can only build up relationships but not to destroy them.”
Njoms praised Aja.
“I am now a grown up woman and no longer the spoilt lone daughter but a responsible wife and an expecting mother. We are the same age but she is my step mother. My husband is a positive element in my life and I am very grateful to him for encouraging me to make peace with my dad and step mom and I am also very happy to have you as part of our family and I’ll never exchange words with Sagaar again even if she hits me,” she promised
Aja Ndaate praised and prayed for her family.

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Njoms brought them some gifts which she and Alhajj appreciated greatly.

Blissful Marriage Life
 Mama D presented them a well-furnished duplet and a car as wedding gifts and also sponsored their honey moon trip to South Africa which thrilled the couple. They went away for a month and came back fresh to kick start a new life together.

Pa Ambi did not disappoint his wife. He served her breakfast in bed and ensured she lives a healthy life style, eating balanced diet, going to the gym together, doing swimming lessons at the swimming pool and having a lot of fun to reduce stress.

Pa Ambi devoted more time to his wife and less time with other married friends whom he encouraged to spend more time together as a group with their wives by forming a ‘kabudu’ (close social group).
To Be Cont.



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