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Saayii Tolof – Part 169 EPISODE 13 (Difficult Marriages – Sins of the Parents)


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The last Suitor Before Things Fall Apart
The one month Njoms asked for has already expired and it coincided with Alhajj’s Umra trip with Sagaar’s parents she cannot go with her husband because she is heavily pregnant with the twins as a first time mother.

Bai Sorgi
 He was rejected by Njoms who never entertained him one bit but he was determined;
“Playing hard to get eh? I know your type you’ll surely be mine.” He posited.

 “You believe in ‘juju’ we shall see who laugh last and the loudest.”

She threatened Njomeh;
“You have to marry Bai Sorgi or you are out of here we can no longer harbour you in my husband house.” She posited.

 “My father’s house! Where is your father’s house? Are you not ndig family? A young girl married to grandfather Abraham because of poverty?” She mocked at her step mother.
“The mouse will play when the cat is away! When the lion comes no more nonsense will be entertained.” Sagaar posited.
“Lion gives birth to a cub, am I not the lion’s daughter?” Njoms bluffed.

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He came back from Mecca with his in laws who were thrilled. Bai Sorgi came to greet him and he promised to act with immediacy he summoned Njomeh and gave her an ultimatum.
“Your grace period has expired what is your answer?”
Njoms is frank with her father;
“Dad I cannot marry a stranger I do not know Bai Sorgi and I can’t marry him am sorry.”
“What! Are you kidding me? Marry him and stay in the house or don’t marry him and leave my house now!”

 She came out with two suitcases,
“Are you leaving your dad’s palace naughty girl?” Sagaar mocked.
She walked past them;
“Are you defying me?” Alhajj asked.
“Just see me do it! Are you the only person with a house? You killed my mum right here in front of my eyes that image can never be erased from my mind but Allah will judge you wicked old man.”
She turned to address Sagaar,
“You do not love him but his money don’t you see your greedy parents taking every opportunity to enrich themselves!” She hissed and left.
Alhajj threatened to attack her but Sagaar restrained him;
“You are just from the holy city full of bliss to allow this naughty rat spoil your grace.” Then she turned to Njoms;
“Didn’t I tell you? Who will leave for the other? ‘Lou teng-teng ray-ray teng-teng dopaco! (How big a winnow another winnow will cover it.” Njoms hissed, left and Alhajj reminded her;
“You’ll live to regret this decision of yours.” Alhajj posited.
“You are under devilish manipulation but you’ll die in misery.” Njoms talked back.

They met again
She always meets her good Samaritan in distress;
As she stood with her suitcases not knowing where to go Pa Ambruce came from somewhere and enquired;
“My lady in distress where to with two suitcases under this scorching sun?”
“I don’t know!”
“You don’t know! What is happening fair lady?” He came down to assist her knowing that she was in trouble. He helped her on load into the boot and opened the front seat for her;
“Spill the bin!”
“My dad conspired with my step mom to eject me out of the home on pretext that I refused to marry their choice of husband.”
“But that is undone! Why should they do that at this time and circumstances? I’ll take you to my motel you would stay there until you are sorted out.”
Njoms thanked him;
“You are God sent thank you very much.” He took her to the Motel Yaa Sang and said;
“Welcome to my humble abode until you are sorted out and let me go and buy you food you must be thirsty and hungry.” Njoms smiled and said;
“Thank you” Then she went and have hot shower.

Back to Alhajj House
They waited until Sagaar went to Ante Natal then they visited Alhajj.
Pa Ambruce is very polite as he enquired what the problem was, dad wanted to be rude but he refused the temptation and asked Njoms not to talk.

“She is my only surviving child born with a silver spoon attended the best of schools up to university level then she took me for granted but this time around I’ll surprise her, I’ve already disown her and will not give her any property but only what inheritance offers her then she will begin to appreciate who I am in her life.”
Then he left for his room and Pa Ambruce continued to beg him,
“Temper justice with mercy as an only child of yours.”
“Not any more Allah will bless me with children through my second wife who is heavily pregnant and can deliver at any time.”

Pa Ambruce
   When they came out he enquired from Njoms;
“Don’t you have other influential family members to influence his decision?”
“Not at all! He is not on speaking terms with most of them and others he speaks to are his ‘ndigs’ (surrogates) who come to beg and sing praises to him.
Pa Ambruce stayed at his house and housed Njoms at the motel; she comes to his house after work and cooked his meals which she stored in the fridge and freezer.
As they courted Ayou heard of it and visited the couple and was happy with what he saw.
“You are perfect couple and I am sure we will soon hear the wedding bells.” He teased them.
“Please Ayou I am not yet ready to tell mama keep it a secret until we sort Njoms family problem.’ And Ayou promised them to be discreet.

Mama D
She heard the rumours and went to Ayou to confirm;
“Why didn’t you share the good news?” She charged Ayou who pretended not to understand.
“What good news is that?”
“That your best friend is courting.”
“No Mama that is not the case she is just a friend in need who he is helping and if there is any serious development I’ll get you posted.”

Disciplined Young man
He refused to take advantage of Njoms and she respected him all the more.

At Alhajj House

Sagaar experienced a difficult birth and lost the twins it was a disaster for the household and many theories developed.
Gossip glee and mocked at her arrogance and greed; others say Alhajj has offered them as sacrifice to his ‘jalang’ ‘hayrem’ (idols), others still said that the spirit of the dead sacrificed wife is after him especially with the maltreatment of their only daughter. Sagaar was sick and admitted at the hospital with her mother taking care of her. Alhajj wept bitterly as he took stock of his life.
“Is Allah punishing me for my maltreatment of my late wife and our only daughter? I have to find her out and make peace with her.”

                  Njoms and Pa Ambruce
They visited Alhajj and he was thrilled to see them and they were surprised.
He called Njoms and blessed her then asked;
“Who is this young man who is always with my daughter? Is there anything I should know?”
Njoms introduced him as her fiancé and that they were waiting for the appropriate time to introduce him.
Alhajj enquired and realized he knew the parents as hard working.
“When you are ready send your emissaries and I’ll inform my people, love, marriage has to be based on consent that’s the lesson my daughter taught me.”
Meanwhile they visited the hospital and Njoms make peace with her step mom.
Sagaar became sober and thought Allah is punishing her for arrogance towards her step daughter; she shed emotional tears and promised to be a better step mom;
“You are not my rival but a daughter who lost her biological mom and I should be there to fill the vacuum, I am very sorry.” They hugged and prayed for each other; Mam Daateh is a responsible woman, likable and full of grace she prayed for family unity and asked them to beware of evil gossip.
Njoms introduced Pa Ambruce and Mam said she knows his parents.
“What a small world!” They exclaimed.
To be Cont.

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