Saayii Tolof – part 152 EPISODE 12 (Difficult Marriages – Love and Friendship in Marriage)


At the City
Ndigi went back to the city and was reinstated back at Nyima’s Bakery and he narrated his experience to Gerdel.
“After battering her I went out but when I came back to the house she has already gone with everything she brought into the home I was left with nothing and again have to start from scratch.”

Gerdel Gorra
“Now you have to go and collect the bride price so that you’ll be able to buy some of the necessities to ease your burden because your wife even took the bed and mattress away, collect your money and also forget about your ‘bastard’ children.”
But Ndigi got infuriated;
“Never refer to my kids as bastard they are not I am their father being estranged from Deg does not mean our children are not mine; I am not sure about my decision but for now I am a free man.” He argued.
“As a true friend I’ll always support your decision.”

At the Village
Suitors kept queuing for her hand in marriage but she rejected all of them which made Majula furious;
“My enemies are at work they don’t want me to enjoy blessings from my daughter, why do they tie her to poverty and misery? The devil is a liar!” She posited.

 “I love him despite everything that happened he is bewitched by our distractors this was not the gentleman I’ve married but one thing is certain I’ll never marry another man I don’t mind remaining single for the rest of my life.” She posited.
“Your former pauper of a husband is longer interested in you or your kids that’s why he has not bothered to come looking for you or your kids so why are you still thinking about him?” Majula posited.
“If you no longer want me here I can leave in fact I was never force to leave I was the one who took that decision.” Deg posited.
“You lack self-esteem and self-respect but if you dare me to go back to that pauper of a man I’ll kill you and then commit suicide but you’ll never disgrace me again I’ll end it once and for all,” Majula threatened her daughter.

   “Let me just take it easy with mama after all look at how Ndigi has treated me and made me look stupid in the midst of my peers,” she soliloqued.

“I have already sent his ‘go-betweens’ his miserable bride price and I am now freed to marry you to whosoever pleases me and you should get it into your stupid skull.”
“I’ll never do such a thing if not I’ll commit suicide.” Deg posited but Majula hissed and ignored her threat.

Gerdel Gorra
 He came purposely to court Deg and spoil Ndigi’s name;
“Sandiago is a liar and a cheat he has nothing I found the job for him and he was squatting with me at the city; I was the one who should have married Deg but he dubbed me and took my wife you’ve now seen God’s handiwork I’ve come to woe her in the proper way I am a patient dog who it is said wins the fattest bone.
Ndigi vowed to disgrace your daughter so as to make her unmarriageable. And here I am coming back to what rightfully belong to me.”
Deg remained a statue, very bitter towards Gerdel.

 She swore to deal with Ndigi;
“By my father’s grave I’ll deal with him, he does not deserve my precious jewel, and who is he to disgrace my own daughter? Is it a crime to love? My daughter’s only guilt is her stupid love when she denied herself to suitors worth the name and clout.”

He pretended to empathize with the family and before he left he dibbed into his pocket and brought out a cheque of D5000 and gave it to Majula and said;
“Hold this cheque cash it to the nearest money order and add to your fish money to take care of Deg and the kids from my deepest of heart.”
Majula thanked and prayed for him.
“You are a good man since Ndigi sent my daughter packing he never turned back to take care of his kids, is that gentlemanly? Look at you here not their dad but thinking of their feeding!”
“I want to marry your beautiful daughter and surely her issues become mine as well.” Gerdel posited.
“My daughter should have marry your type and not the pauper.” She posited.

She became very offended;
“Since you are greedy keep on collecting money from every Tom, Dick and Harry and when the time comes you better marry them or give birth to another daughter.”
“I’ll collect from everybody except from your pauper of an ex-husband.” She mocked at her daughter.
Deg cried bitterly;
“I hate him I’ll never marry Gerdel arrogant, stupid and foolish! Even get married to the ritualist is preferable to marrying Gerdel Gorra.” She posited.
“The so called ritualist has not come again it is Gorra who is here and this time around he’ll win the booty because he is a patient dog.” Majula posited.
“Now the bride price has been returned and I am free to let you marry again but this time around I’ll influence your paternal uncles to support me to let you marry a better person; come and take the cheque cash it for your children’s upkeep, Gerdel has lessen the burden upon my shoulders’.”
Deg ignored her and kept doing but she was engaged with.

Back to the City
Gerdel infuriated Ndigi’s mind;
“Let me give you the hottest news, are you aware that a super- rich suitor has asked Degene’s hand in marriage and is in fact the man who returned your bride price?”
“I am not surprise, her greedy mom never wanted me to marry her I don’t care I’ll take my time and this time around marry a responsible woman; the rich suitor will be disappointed to later realize that all that glitters is not gold that he has not marry a decent woman but a public toilet. Thank you very much my good friend and confidante for giving me good advice.” Gerdel smiled.

Back to the Village
Gerdel came back with a van loaded with provisions of various kinds he is an only son and his father have vase land and he cut a portion and sold it. The provisions could last for a period of six months.
Majula was excited when she saw the goods;
“Are you going to open a shop in the village?” She asked Gerdel.
“It is not a shop but provisions for my lost found jewel, Mama I want you people to eat well and freshen up for me, Deg is a diamond who should shine for all of us and I’ll not hesitate to spend a fortune over her my dad left vase land for me and when I do marry her I’ll sell another portion and build a village mansion for her I can also travel abroad with her and you’ll have the opportunity to come overseas to ‘bambane’ your grand-children.  Isn’t that beautiful?”
To be Cont.