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Saayii Tolof – Part 140 – EPISODE 11 Difficult Marriages -(Daughter in law the other side)


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With Her friend Jaha
“Thank you very much for the loan I am now going to Bangs for him
to pay for the loan; it is his father before becoming my father in
law.” Ify posited.  “What about if he refuses to pay it? Bangs is hard hearted and
hates his parents with passion.” Jaha asked.
“Don’t mind him he’ll pay am I not his wife?”
“Good luck but don’t stress yourself on my behalf take your time
are we not friends ? Remember it is within a period of 3 months.” Jaha
reminded her.
“Are you preparing anything for your wedding anniversary?” Jaha asked.
“All will depend on the idiot if he does his part I’ll honour it
but if he refuses I’ll deny him any celebrations until we put things
Jaha with Ebunjan
As Jaha grumbled about Bangs with his queer behavior Ebunjan
walked into the house and chipped in;
“Is Aunty Ify gone back to her husband?”
“I supposed so why do you ask?”
“This is the time she should put his love for her on the test.”
“What do you mean?” Jaha asked.
“If he really loves her he will pay the bill if he does not he will
not bother then she should develop another tactic of making him to do
what she wants.”
Jaha thought hard then shook her head;
“You are right Ebu, come here and tell me what field you want to
study and I’ll sponsor it; you are intelligent and poverty should not
be your portion.”
“I want to be a Counselor by profession especially for women and children.”
“Insha Allah a Counselor you’ll be as long as I am alive and kicking.”
“Thank you Aunty you are God sent into my life Allah will also have
a place into yours.” Ebu prayed for her madam.
Ify Comes Home
She came home which was a very big surprise to Bangs and he bluffed her;
“Why are you here? Where are my parents now your parents? I was not
expecting you.” He mocked.
“Dad was very sick but is now getting better; I took a loan from my
friend and have settled his clinic bill now you have to pay the loan
is he not your father before he became my father in law?”
“Did I ever ask you to pay for his clinic bill busybody? I am not
going to pay a dime pay it yourself because whatever you do is out of
your own volition and not mine.” He snapped.
“Bangs you’ll pay it or else you’ll see a totally different Ifisini
trust me.”
“Why did you come? Didn’t I tell you? You can never leave me you
must come back. You cannot sponsor them without money and you are also
used to affluence; trust my judgment.”
She thought hard and said;
“Oh Allah! What sort of stone hard man did I marry? I wouldn’t have
had I known this side of his character! I’ll be blamed if I don’t take
a drastic action!” She soliloqued.
“How could he talk about his parents with such hatred?” Ify left
him and went back to the village.
Back to the Village
Dad has now been discharged and has returned to the village back
to his house. Ify met and have a discussion with him;
“Dad I have now concluded that Bangs does not want to take care of
his parents and I am leaving him for good if not society will blame me
as a co-culprit in an issue I cannot influence; I vow to take care of
you until I die so as not to be seen as a bad woman; let us pray for
him to come back to his senses.” Ify posited.
“I’ve heard you I’ll call for him to come back to his senses
before he loses an angelic wife.” Dad said.
“Please Dad don’t ask for money if not you’ll never see him in the
village.” She dipped into her purse and gave him allowance;
“I’ve already bought some provisions which will last for few weeks
use the allowance for fish money Mom needs to be preparing delicious
dishes to speed up your speedy recovery and animal protein is
expensive. Any incidental expense should be communicated to me, while
there is life there is hope Allah is an enabler.”
He came to the village to answer to his parents.
“You sent for me here I am with all ears.”
She saw him come empty handed and she challenged him;
“Bangs! What have we done to you? Why do you hate us with a
passion? You’ve come from the city and did not even buy bread to bring
to us?” He ignored her.
“I called for you concerning your wife; where is your wife?”
“Am I her keeper? You are the one I should ask; Mom here took her
from my house.” He turned to Mom and asked;
“Mom! Where is your wife? I don’t know where she is, and moreover,
she is not important to me, am I not surviving since she left me about
two weeks ago?” He asked arrogantly.
“We brought you up as a very good child but ‘dirty’ wealth gets
into your head and turn you into an arrogant beast that you don’t know
how to address your parents; but time will tell and you’ll come back
to your senses.” She posited.
“Mom poisoned her mind against me and took her away from my house.”
“So your wife has missed for two weeks and you didn’t ask for her
or go in search for her? You are so heartless; my candid advice for
you is to act fast before it is too late. What an elder sees sitting
down a child sees not even climbing the tallest mountain; I’ve said my
own and don’t blame me tomorrow.”
“I don’t care Dad and one thing I’ll never lower my status going
looking for her, I have money she has nothing, who are her parents for
her to dare me? I am even no longer interested in the marriage; let
her go to hell and rot there.”
Mom chided him;
“Something is wrong with you and if you form the fool until such an
angelic wife slipped away you’ll regret for the rest of your life as
for us we have found her and will never lose her again.” He shrugged
his shoulders and drove back to the city.
To be Cont.

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