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Saayii Tolof – Part 139 EPISODE 11 (Difficult Marriages – Daughter in law the other side)


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The Friends

“I am very sorry for covering up for him in the past when you do criticize him but I am here to confirm your assertion, he is not a cultist that I am sure of but he did have an issue to settle with his parents which he never dislodge to any one not even me his wife. But all the same what have his parents did to him that he cannot forgive? He should let them be and I’ll ensure that happens. Bangs never convinced me with his wickedness towards his parents. If I don’t do anything I’ll be blamed for his negligence.”


“Take it easy on yourself, sit down and relax and let me get you something to eat.”

At the City

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Bangs is alone in the mansion and very angry with his wife;

“Why should this stupid lady flout my advice? Didn’t I tell her not to interfere with my family affairs? I’ll not go searching for her and I’ll not also make peace with my family. But look at this big mansion and no one here with me to keep me company? I have money, Ify will soon run short of it and will come back on her knees to beg me,” he soliloquized.

At the Hospital

Dad got better and became livelier and requested for his favourite dish, cow foot pepper soup with ‘chere’.

“You are right the carer is always happy when the patient asks for his/her favourite dish, let me go and quickly prepare the cow foot soup which takes time to be well cooked.”

Abi stayed with Dad who kept complaining.

“I am now well look at me.” He shrugged his shoulders and shake his body;

“Because the more I stay here the higher the bill; I have to have pity on my daughter Ify who is footing the bill,” Dad lamented.

“Why are you complaining? Are you the one paying the bills? Just eat and get well quickly is all that we all ask for.”

“Let me go home I am well my daughter, I am not footing the bill but my daughter is and as our people would say ‘bot du enu why hamna lu bopa antan’ (the eye does not carry the load but knows the amount of load a head can take.) Dad posited.


She came back with the cow foot pepper soup with ‘chere’ and found Dad grumbling.

“What is he grumbling about?” She asked.

“He is grumbling about the rising bill and the burden on Ify,” Abi explained.

Mom became very angry.

“Why do you always want to torment me with your grumbles? What is your business in the bill? Are you the one footing it?”

Abi concurred.

“That was what I told him before you came, he is worrisome and that is detrimental to his health.”

“Eat well and get well is all that we ask of you, Ify is dutiful, she has paid the deposit and left a healthy amount to be used for any incidental. Stop worrying and just eat and take your drugs; you are not leaving the clinic until you get well.”

Dr. Gaa

He visited him and expressed his happiness with the result.

After checking every vital sign he expressed:

“All your vital signs are intact and if you continue like this you’ll soon be discharged.”

He wanted to ask a question but Mom intercepted him. However Doc asked her to let him ask questions.

“Okay I am all ears, ask your questions.”

“I am now fine, let me go home and will report if need be,”

“But it is better for you to stay for a while until everything is ruled out I don’t want a relapse in your treatment,” Doc argued.

Dad kept on grumbling.

“But what about the bill, the longer I stay the higher.”

“Ify said you should not worry, the bills will be well taken care of. You also have a good and caring wife.”

“Didn’t I tell you? Get well and stop grumbling about the bill, Ify has taken care of it. Stop worrying yourself,” she laughed at Dad.

Ify with Jaha

“How is Dad, is he getting better?” Jaha asked Ify.

“He is better but I still needs money to settle the balance of the bill, Bangs has blocked my account and Ebruwa my cousin is yet to send me money, I paid for her air ticket and first tuition which she has to pay back; please help me with any amount and I see where else I can fill the balance,” Ify posited.

“Tell me the amount and I see whether I can give you,” Jaha said.

“Can I have D200,000 to be paid in three months’ time?”

“Very well.” She called Ebunjan and asked her to bring her cheque book which she did as she drew a cheque for her.

She hugged her and expressed:

“What should I have done without the two of you? Thank you very much sisters.” She shed emotional tears and said:

“I’ll pay as soon as I receive the money.”

“Just take your time no need for stress, you would have done the same if I were in your shoes, remember you lent me money to buy a car.”


She bought a lot of provisions for Dad and Mom and deposited more money to ensure Dad lacks nothing at the clinic.

“How do you feel now? Mom said you are worrying about the high bill, don’t worry more money has been deposited and you’ll stay until Doc discharges you. I am here and you’ll not lack anything.”

Mom with Doc

“How much money is left?” Mom asked.

“About D150,000 to D200,000 but it could also be less because additional D50,000 has been deposited by Ify after depositing D60,000 earlier.”

“What! That is too much a burden upon Ify, that why Dad is asking to be discharged while we come to clinic from our home.” She got into emotional outburst.

“What is left will not be much let me go and raise more money Insha Allah Dad will not die.”

“I won’t cry, what have I done wrong?” She asked.

“You’ve done nothing wrong, everything will be fine.” Ify hugged Mom.

To be Cont.


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