Saayii Tolof – Part 134 EPISODE 11 (Difficult Marriages- Daughter in law the other side)


She scolded Bagaa and asked him to open for Abi as she pushed him away; she came in they greeted each other and she hugged Abi and asked about Mom and Dad. As they entered the house she asked Abi to take her luggage to the guest room.

She looks quite worried as Ify asked her what the matter was.
“Dad is very sick and is admitted at the clinic and Doc asked us to deposit D30,000 before the advent of any treatment.”

“Is my husband your brother aware of it?”
“Yes he is aware and has asked me not to come but Mom insisted for me to come to put more pressure on him to take up his responsibility.” Abi explained.
“Don’t you worry go now to the kitchen and prepare something to eat, the roads are bad and dusty and it is a long way, also freshen up when you are done.” She thanked her and went to take care of herself.
Ify rang Bangs and asked him to come and answer to emergency.
“What is it? You know I am very busy, it’s better be something worth it!” He insisted.
“Just come it is very urgent and can’t wait.”
“Don’t worry I’ll soon be home.”
Ify turned to Abi and gave her courage;
“My husband will soon come and you’ll be settled.”
“Thank you.” She put a smile on her face but she is not convinced that Bangs will do anything but kept her feelings to herself.

Nurse Dadoo
Senior Nurse Dadoo came and enquired;
“Has your daughter arrived?” Mom shook her head:
“No, she has not arrived but I hope she’ll soon.”
“Mom I’ve tried oh and I’ll definitely not kill myself for you, I learnt that your son is super rich and is sponsoring a lot of village projects but how is it that he’ll not sponsor his dad’s treatment? Doc will be mad with you when he comes on rounds. Call your daughter and emphasise the urgency tomorrow or you’ll be thrown out because you are occupying space which you are not paying for; our clinic is not a charity home.” She hissed and left as Mom became emotional, grumbling about their wicked son.
“I have a son and at the same time am without a son; what kind of irony is this?”  She became emotional.
Senior Nurse Dadoo empathizing, dipped into her purse and took out some notes. She asked her to buy some pain killers to alleviate Dad’s pain. She took it and thanked her.
“It is an irony we have a son, a son who is super rich while we live in abject poverty and penury.”
“It is okay, I cannot forsake you as he has done but don’t tell any other person that I gave you money to buy drugs, it is against the rule of the clinic as all drugs have to be purchased from here.” She nodded her head.

He rushed home but didn’t expect to see his sibling whom she asked not to come.
When he arrived he asked the security who came to his home.
“You kid sister, I did not want to open gate but Madam scolded me and ordered me. I opened for her.”
“Where is she?”
“She is inside house.”
“I’ll come back for you, didn’t I order you not to open even for my mom and dad! I’ll sack you?” He threatened.
“Please I beg, no sack me, Madam ordered me and also threatened to sack me, everybody threaten sack, sack, and sack! What have I done but to obey instructions, please a beg no sack me I have two wives with 10 kids all school going age.”
“Get up and go to your duty post.” He ordered as he rushed into the house.
“Welcome!” Ify greeted him but he asked;
“Where is she?”
“Where is who?”
“Don’t ask me stupid questions; you know who I am referring to.” He scolded.
Abi came out from the kitchen and was scared as she timidly greeted the angry roaring lion.
“Didn’t I ask you not to come and you floated my orders? What are you doing here? Didn’t I ask you to stay at the village and treat your sick, dying father?”
“What! Are you mad? How can you say such things about Dad? Are you okay?” Ify scolded him on impulse.

“I did not want to come but we were desperate as the clinic staff threatened to throw Dad out if the deposit money for treatment is not paid.  Mom asked me to come as a last resort.”

“Am I your bank? I have no money to give to anybody, get out of my house. Do you think that I’ll be pressurized in your coming to my house? I am not moved in anyway?”  He forced her out of the house and threatened to be physical as both ladies protested and his wife called him names.
“I don’t care!” He forced her into his car and drove Abi to the car park to take the last bus to the village; he paid the fares and gave her little money to buy food and water enroute.
“You have to pay the money oh! You have to pay because you have it and doing great things for other people while your parents live in abject poverty and penury.”
“I’ll send the money through your account just go and take care of your father,” he promised.

She is mad at her husband;
“What sort of man are you super rich while your parents live in abject poverty and penury? I am not part of your wickedness and I’ll shout, yell until the whole world knows that I am not a part of your wickedness.”
“Busy body! Are they your parents? What have I not done for your parents you ingrate? Just enjoy the wealth while it lasts. Do you know what atrocities these two old wretched fools have done to me?”
“I don’t care to know! Can’t you not forgive them as your parents who brought you into this earth? What sort of heart do you have? Are you not a true Muslim, ready to forgive even your bitterest enemies? Had I known this dark side of you I wouldn’t have married you.”
“I don’t care do as you wish, are you the only pretty woman on earth? I have money and women are answering at my beck and call!” He bluffed.
“I am not any woman and you know it but we shall see when the going is tough who will yield?” Ify also posited.

To be Cont.

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