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Saayii Tollof Part 528 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – Bully ‘Sohorr’, ‘Bayindeku’ ‘Ak Yenen’) Torohal jiigeen (Gender Based Violence)


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Gender Based Violence in patriarchal Society brought three women together to form an alliance, they were punching bags to their husbands who took them for granted; the violence started small and with no resistance  grew to tragedy. It is an interesting piece very close to my heart as an Activist I fight Violence of all types be it from the male or the female.
Read and reflect to draw the lessons.

Sally is an Activist, a Marriage Counselor she tries to counsel abused women and encourage them to take a stand to save their life.
She is married but can she save her own marriage?
An interesting reading!

Penda (Panka)
Her  husband Nyanga (Nyabate) is a batterer he made penda a punching bag he beats her like a child for everything he sees as an offence. Penda lost touch with the real world she lives in the Slave trade and her ring was a handcuff.

“Women are animals they don’t need petting but the whip I marry you, you did not marry me my orders are your command, when I talk you listen and do want I want, there is only one voice here and it is my voice; what do you lack in this house? I bought this beautiful house for us with everything to make your life easy where do you live before here? Didn’t I get you from the gutters? I bought you a car to run your errands do your family owe a car? You should worship me no argument only to do and say what pleases me if not I’ll whip you like a child. Do you hear me?”

Wept bitterly and sobbing she answered in bits;
“yes sir I’ll follow instructions, my husband is the master.” She mimicked.

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She knocked the door
“Bang! Bang! Dad open the door before you kill mom this is gender based violence if you don’t I’ll call the police to come and carry you away we don’t need you in our life you are a pest.”

He opened and pushed Saange away she almost fell upon the floor.
“Get away from here!”
Saange went to console her mom on the ground weeping profusely.

She is the only child and a girl she is a fighter very bold she hates her father for abusing her mom;
“get up stand up and fight for your right are you a punching bag? Fight him or I’ll take him to the police for gender based violence.”

She was surprised
“Saange! Where did you hear such words I never taught you that? You are a girl live your life and do not involve yourself in our ‘warhala’ we will sort ourselves out your father was never like this it must be peer influence am I not his wife? I’ll fix him up.”

“First thing first! Where I learnt gender based violence? I learnt it from the internet when I first heard the phrase in a school open day when our school invited Madam Sally an Activist to speak about the subject the meaning depict your lifestyle with dad who does not love or respect you, your life is miserable and I’ll do anything to help you fight dad to change his ways fighting dad’ evil manners I am shaping my future. Mom! What have you done to him to beat you blue/black?”

“I’ve done nothing to him he just complained that he called me and I refuse to come immediately to answer to his call. All my body is paining look at my swollen eyes what am I going to do?”

She went and make hot water for tepid sponging she helped massaged her mom and applied hot balm;
“What sort of marriage is this? Are you going to endure this abuse and for how long? Is it going to end when you enter the grave? No! We will fight to end the servitude if you don’t I’ll call for help before it is too late. Beautiful house my foot! I rather live in a hut and live a peaceful life with my husband I’ll marry good character not riches or fame. I’ll never allow any man to use me as a punching bag, never!”

The Second Family
Bully Soohor is a sadist married to a naive wife  Bayindeku  they are blessed with two girl children Beatrice is out of touch with reality she is traumatized as an orphan by her aunt who treats her as Kumba Mu Amut Ndeye and ‘aiye gaaf’ bad luck in early years Bully Soohor traumatized her further to even fear her shadow, the girls know no peace and it makes them hate men whom they see their wicked father and always fight and beat boys in their school who try to bully girls; weak girls see them as champions who fight for their rights this make them very famous in school these fights have toll on their academic work which prompted their teacher to pay a visit to their home.

Beatrice prepared custard for the family as the children start to eat she cannot eat until her family finish eating Harriet Harenge asked;
“Mom when are you going to eat? Mom you must be very hungry.”

“Thank you Harenge but my family first.”

“But also take care of you for us.” She laughed and nodded her head.
To Be Cont.  

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