“Saaye Tolof-Tolof” Part 7 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Haatab He felt humiliated; “Who is Ndungu to reject me? Am I not rich and handsome? Sophisticated girls run after me, she has to succumb by hook or crook.” Maale He is his chief ‘ndig’ (surrogate), he is angrier than his boss. “Who is she we have to cut her to size?” He whispered into Haatab’s ear. Haatab He became alerted and said, “Not yet, I want to make her my wife but if worse comes to worse I’ll forcefully take what is mine and she’ll have no choice but to succumb.” Adiatou He is from a poor family a widowed mother who sells cookery to fend for her family of 2 boys and 3 girls. Adi as he is fondly called by family and friends is the first born ‘taaw’, matured, focused and well mannered. He is a science student as he excels in all his core subjects and is very open and generous as he helps fellow science students in their studies. He and Ndungs have many traits in common and it attracted them to each other; he wants to be a Science Researcher and Ndungu a Pilot. The duo compare notes and study together sometimes Minah who also is a commerce student joins them as a trio. Other students and in the neighbourhood are impressed but not Haatab and his gang. Haatab    He summoned his gang and complained about Ndungu’s blatant flirt with a nobody right in front of his eyes. “What is Adi that church rat doing with my girlie? Is this not the greatest insult of our time? Enough is enough! This has to stop and now!” He roared as the others concurred. Maale “What are we to do Boss? Say it, your wish is our command.” Haatab “Bring the church mouse right here in my den and let me give him a stern warning.” At the Den    It is one of the various duplets owned by Haatab’s dad was made a criminal den or slaughter house, here everything dirty, obscene is carried out, and girls/women brought here and violated. Adi was blind folded and brought in to face Haatab. The blindfold was taken out and he came face to face with Haatab. Haatab “How dare you to drink from the King’s cup? Are you not afraid you pauper?” The other boys pulled his hair and hit him at the back. “It’s okay let him be, let him answer my question.” Adi “I don’t know what you are talking about speak in plain language for me to answer you.” Haatab “Mummu! What are you doing with Ndungs my girlie?” Adi “She is in my study circle and we help each other with difficult problems, nothing else and nothing more.” He explained with calmness and coolness. Haatab “I order you to pull her out of your circle, I don’t want her there.” Adi “Ordering her out as your what? I am out to learn; I did not ask her in and therefore cannot ask her out, I am very sorry.” Haatab hit him hard and he fell upon his face bruising his mouth, bleeding. “You are nothing but a beast, kill me and see what it can get you, I am from a poor family with a widowed mother but we are proud that we will never be anybody’s slave ‘ndig’ and with Allah’s blessing nothing is impossible. Go to her coward and see whether you’ll be able to pull her from a circle that is meant to better and not to waste her valuable life.” Maale He wanted to finish him but Haatab held his hand; “Not now! Let me give him another chance. Small boy! I’ll let you go because of your fiery speech I am in good mood today and you are very lucky but next time you might not be.” The boys untie and kicked him out. Ndungu She went to the circle to study but Adi was very cool towards her and in fact refused to speak to her; her friend Minah was not there, she then enquired; “What has happened to your swollen face and bruises all over your body, have you fallen?” Adi “Thanks to your rich boy friend, his boys kidnapped, blind folded and took me to his den where they assaulted me and beat me blue/black, all my body aches and I am just from the hospital; leave me alone I am not a rich boy, my widowed mother did everything to bring me where I am, I don’t want to die I want to live to fulfill her dreams, get out of our circle and go to him.” Ndungs “This boy is a beast! How could he do this to you? Point of correction, I have nothing to do with him, he is stalking me and I ask him to desist, he is from a rich home but he is a failure who cannot do anything for himself without his father’s wealth, but look at you from a poor household trying to be of use not only to your immediate family but society as a whole; he is a failure don’t mind him, I am going straight to put a stop to all this nonsense. She went straight to the den and confronted him. Haatab He is happy to see his icon. With broad inviting smile he showered her with praises. “Thank you for visiting my den and what do you want me to offer you?” Ndungs “I need nothing from you but to leave me alone, why did you commit ‘Boka Haram’ atrocities on an innocent soul? What has he done to you? And who are you to determine who and who not I should keep as friends? You are a hopeless loser, boasting about your father’s wealth and having some useless lackeys around you, why can’t you develop yourself and boast about your success? Adi is poor today but will be someone tomorrow, bet it if you continue this useless life of yours you’ll end up a pauper, mark my words! Leave me alone, I can’t never love you, you are not my type, go for your type and leave me alone.” Haatab He raised his hand to hit her but stopped midair which angered the ‘ndigs’. Maale “Hot tongue! Hit her, who is she to come to embarrass you in the midst of your subjects?” Ndungs She hissed and eye picked Maale as a nobody and instead directed her anger at the Boss. “I address masters and not dogs.” Maale seethed with anger as he raised his hand. Haatab He scolded him and threatened to hit him instead. “This is my woman, my heart and be very careful where to put yourself, shut up and only be involved if invited.” Ndungs frowned and hissed. Ndungs “Do something for yourself and leave me alone.” To be Cont.    ]]>

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