‘Saaye Tolof –Tolof’ Part 10 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Mam Buutor She is Cissy’s younger sibling, their parents died when they were 5 and 3 years respectively. She looked upon her as her parents and she took good care of her lodging, schooling and feeding but she is also very bossy over her. Cissy “Beware of men as they are wicked and evil, I mean all of them, any man who appears nice to you is a snake under a green grass. Take it from me, I am an experienced woman and I’ll remain a spinster until I die and I am happy to have such a status,” she advised her younger sibling. Mam Buutor  She did not agree with her elder sister but she dared not argue with her, she just kept quiet with her feeling inside her. Mam went shopping with her friend Njombat as she came out of the mall she pounced at Njogu and her shopping bag fell upon the ground and as she stooped to pick it up Njogu held her hand looked up into her eyes and apologized. Njogu “I am very sorry, am I not a clumsy young man? For the inconvenience can I have lunch with you?” Mam hesitated and looked at Njoms who nodded her head. Njoms    “We will go, yes!” Mam remained silent. Njogu   “Silence means yes but let us go back and your shopping are on me.”    ]]>