QCell Secures D5 million Deal with GRTS for AFCON Coverage


Ten Students awarded University scholarships

By Madiba Singhateh

In a significant move towards enhancing football coverage in The Gambia, QCell telecommunication company under the Q Group, has inked a contract exceeding five million dalasi with GRTS for the live broadcasting of the upcoming AFCON matches. The official signing ceremony took place at the QCell headquarters in Kanifing on Tuesday, 9th January.

CEO Muhammed Jah expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing its importance in promoting national unity and providing comprehensive coverage of the AFCON matches. “We want GRTS, along with QTV, to ensure that Gambians have access to all the matches, from start to finish. This is also an opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products and services through various media outlets such as GRTS, QTV, Star TV, and PTV,” said Jah.

Highlighting the collaborative effort required, Jah underscored the importance of media houses coming together to promote the nation and football during this period. The contract between QCell and GRTS is valued at five million seven hundred and fifty thousand dalasi. Jah affirmed Q-Group’s commitment, stating, “Our word is our contract; when we agree with you, we respect it, not just for you but for ourselves.”

He further urged prompt disbursement of funds, ensuring that commitments are fulfilled promptly, acknowledging the numerous obligations QCell has.

Expressing gratitude to the nation, Jah thanked both Gambians and non-Gambians who patronize Q-Group, particularly QCell. In a philanthropic gesture, he revealed that the Q-Group Foundation had recently awarded ten scholarships to university students, with plans to increase it to twenty next year.

The Minister of Information, Lamin Queen Jammeh, described the partnership as a historical moment that aligns with the government’s obligation to provide accurate and relevant information. He acknowledged initial frustrations due to budget constraints but credited the timely intervention of the President and Vice President for ensuring the nation’s participation in AFCON.

Director of GRTS, Abdoulie Sey, commended QCell for becoming the main sponsor of GRTS AFCON rights, recognizing the substantial cost associated with broadcasting AFCON games.

In another event held on the same day, the Q-group, MoBSE foundation bestowed the prestigious UTG scholarships for the 2023-2024 program upon ten exceptionally deserving students, marking the third group of recipients.

the Q-group Boss Mr. Jah stated that this effort does not only demonstrates a commitment to academic excellence but also underscores the dedication to empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators. The said the recognition by foundation amplifies the significance of this scholarship, fostering a spirit of education and opportunity for the bright minds who will shape the future.

In October 2021, the Q-Group-MoBSE scholarship program was officially launched, and within three months, the first recipients were announced, commencing the distribution of their scholarship packages. The Q-Group Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Q-Group of Companies, serves as the conduit for their initiatives, aligning efforts to contribute significantly to national development.

Since its establishment in 2016, the Q-Group Foundation has consistently supported sustainable development initiatives in education, health, youth, and community development. In a pivotal move in 2018, the foundation entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE), solidifying a collaborative relationship aimed at fostering partnership through active dialogue and interaction for the advancement of education.