PURA Urges Unlicensed Petroleum Transporters to Regularize their Status


By: Kebba AF Touray

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) has called on all tanker trucks carrying petroleum products that do not possess license, to do so.

The press release indicated that henceforth all vehicles that are yet to be inspected, should as a matter of urgency apply for inspection and licensing to avoid enforcement action.

It further stated that only licensed transporters and certified tankers are authorized to transport petroleum in the country.

PURA said it is mandated by the Petroleum Products Acts 2016 to regulate the entire value chain of the downstream petroleum sector.

The authority said Section 6 (2) of the Petroleum Products Act 2016 stipulates that a person shall not perform petroleum products supply operations without obtaining a licence.

“The general public, government and all businesses are hereby informed that only licensed transporters and certified tankers are authorized to transport petroleum products in The Gambia,” PURA said.

PURA also said all “tanker trucks carrying petroleum products who do not possess a licence as of this publication, will be subjected to regulatory oversight action, equally all those vehicles that are yet to be inspected are urged as a matter of urgency to apply for inspection and Licensing to avoid enforcement action.”

PURA said the names of companies who have applied and had their vehicles (tankers) inspected successfully by an independent examiner in accordance with the Petroleum (Transport Business) Regulations 2018, resulting in the issuance of a Licence by the Hon. Minister of Petroleum are as follows:

JABEL TOURAY Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/13-2020

AZIZ SAM Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/5-2020

PAINTERMAN Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/19-2020


EQUA ENERGY Ltd Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/4-2020

JAH OIL Ltd Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/18-2020

PETROGAS Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/15-2020

BUKARY GAYE Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TT/10-2020


ABC LOGISTICS Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/06-2021

PETRAZO Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/01-2021

RIDERS FOR HEALTH Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/07-2021

DABANANI Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/04-2021

WALOUM JAWO Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/10-2021

AMBILL SPEED Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/08-2021


OMAR JARBO Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/02-2021

SALIFU BADGIE Diesel, Petrol GG/PURA/PP-TR/05-2021


“No unlicensed business will be allowed to transport fuel with effect from 19th April 2021”, said PURA.