Prison Director General Expresses Delight in the Amnesty


By Muhammed Sailu Bah The Director General of Prisons, Mr. David Colley, has expressed delight in the release of more than 200 prisoners from prison after the Mile IIgrant of pardon by the president. He disclosed that this would relieve the prison from congestion. Mr. Kolley said this on Friday 24 July, 2015, at the Prisons Administrative Complex while pardoned prisoners were being released. He said, “I feel the most blessed, and this July 22nd is my July 22nd. I have a lot of relief and hope for more to come. I did my level best to make sure the prison population is reduced and the prison relieved of congestion.” He said the prison will be relieved of congestion because the number of prisoners that they normally accommodate is too much, to the extent that the government had earlier asked him to come up with a sketch plan for more cells to be built at the Jeshwang Prison to avoid overcrowding in the prison. “But nonetheless it is glory to me, when the president asked me to work on this thing, on all the criteria, and take it back to him, which I did. And the inmates I have recommended are all pardoned and, as at now, I cannot give you the exact figure unless, finally, we do our home work back in the office to be able to establish exactly how many have been pardoned and how many are left,” he noted. He further said that probably there were more to be pardoned by the president. In fact more prisoners have been pardoned after the release.]]>