Presidential Adviser Dou Sannoh Charged


By Lamin Fatty

President Adama Barrow’s adviser, Dou Sannoh, has been charged by the police and released on bail. Police Spokesperson Cadet Assistant Superintendent Binta Njie confirmed this news to the press.

Sannoh is charged with wilful damage to property and common assault at the Bakadaji Police Station in the Jimara District.

Korojula born Sannoh was allegedly involved in a scuffle sometime in April 2023, during the 15 April council elections campaign. The incident was said to have happened in Sare Talata, Julangel Ward, Jimara District of the Upper River Region.

He was reported to the police by GDC’s candidate for Julangel ward, Ebrima Manneh, who lost to NPP’s Yunusa Baldeh last month.

Sannoh, also a lead mobiliser for the ruling NPP, came to the police in honour of the invitation seeking his appearance at the police station. He went to the Bakadaji Station on Thursday and was charged by the police. He was bailed by one Sarja Krubally, a source familiar with the case, told Foroyaa.

The source said Sannoh was charged with the two aforesaid offences, which is now confirmed by the police.

When contacted for comment, Dou Sannoh told Foroyaa: “Let us forget about my portfolio – I am a citizen like any other person in this country. Once a matter is reported to the police and you are charged, someone has to bail you, if the offence is bailable.”

He stated that the police are not the lawmakers but are enforcers of the law and that the law should always take its course.

“They (GDC supporters) are celebrating something, which isn’t worthy of any celebration. Instead, I should be celebrating because they were the incumbent, but I uprooted them there,” Sano proudly stated.

Ebrima Manneh, the GDC candidate, confirmed that he was the one who reported Sannoh to the police. He said Dou Sannoh did not report to the police on time until Thursday when he appeared.

“I can confirm to you that when he came, he was detained and charged with assault and damage to property. However, he was later bailed out by one Sarja Krubally,” he said.