Tuesday, September 21, 2021

President Cautions Against Religious Tensions In His Christmas Message


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In his annual Christmas Message President Barrow cautioned Gambians against religious tension.The Gambian President stated that religion is part of the country’s diverse heritage.
His 7 minutes televised speech was broadcast on Tuesday 24th December 2019. He said Religion plays an important role in our lives; adding “therefore, we cannot avoid according to it the significance it deserves.”

President Barrow stated that Religion is part of The Gambia’s diverse cultural heritage, and it adds meaning to life through the values it teaches and the manner it shapes and modifies behaviour. This makes the role of religious leaders critical.

The Gambian President encourages all venerable leaders to remain steadfast, with the reassurance that his Government acknowledges their contribution to the development, progress, and overall wellbeing.

He said “We are all aware of the grave distortions of religious teachings as an excuse for extremism, leading to evil, social disorder, instability, and loss of lives”, We must not allow this to take root here.

The President promised to continue to adhere to the principles of good governance, based on justice and the rule of law without discrimination or prejudice against any citizen or any section of the Gambian nation.

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“We will remain undeterred in upholding the spirit of the Constitution and the Laws of the country while implementing the National Development Plan we have developed together as a nation to attain our development goals and aspirations.”

He noted that “The dignity of the people has to be maintained through reason, dialogue and strengthening interfaith collaboration, therefore Christmas is a reminder for us to continue to propagate the true teachings of Jesus Christ.”

“On behalf of the entire Gambian community, therefore, I take much pleasure in congratulating the Christian community on this joyous occasion.” “In particular, I congratulate all the dioceses in the country and The Gambia Christian Council for the spiritual uplift and successes they have realised over the years,” the President concluded stated in his Christmas message.

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