Prepared Barrow Without Prepared Inauguration


The way President Barrow spoke and the content of his speech were fit for purpose, regardless of whether one supports him or not. The attempt to bring issues regarding the absence of certain personalities in the inauguration was not given serious regard by those who are concerned. An inaugural ceremony is about the president not about the opposition. It is about his contract with the Gambian people for another period of five years. The Gambian people want justice, liberty and prosperity. Is he ready to settle all the land, caste and other disputes? Is he ready to provide employment to the 500,000 young people who come out of the school system every twelve years? Is he ready to free women gardeners from lack of inputs and markets for their produce? These are the issues he is expected to deal with during his inaugural speech for the next five years.

The coming five years will be five years with a difference. That is what the media should focus on – President Barrow and the people and not President Barrow and those who oppose him.

The other elements about his inauguration are the programme and the attendance. When eight heads of states visit a country, they should meet an enthusiastic population welcoming them. The number of people who graced the inauguration confirms that the state was not fully prepared to handle such an occasion.

Many things could be read from the appearance of those who attended. One could say that while President Barrow was prepared to sign a new contract with the Gambian people many Gambians were sitting to wait for what he had to say. It is now left to him to move into practice in order to convince people that he deserves a second chance or lose their confidence for underperforming.

The inauguration is now history. His words have been recorded. His deeds will be gauged against his words. Posterity will pass its judgment. The future will declare the verdict.