Thursday, July 29, 2021



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The NDLEA, The Police And The Courts Are The Answer To The Drug Menace

A commission of enquiry reports to a President. The Police and NDLEA collect evidence to be taken to courts for prosecution.

The political figures should call for the strengthening of the law enforcement agencies so that they would be able to investigate and apprehend those who prefer to seek wealth through destroying lives.

The consumer of drugs is a victim needing the protection of society. The focus on arresting and incarcerating victims instead of finding ways to rehabilitate them is what needs fresh thinking .

If there is to be a concerted effort to address the problems of the country the people should be helped to understand issues instead of restricting their understanding by calling on the wrong institutions to address serious problems.

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The drug menace is a danger to the economy and the stability of the country. When drug barons entrench themselves, they often try to corrupt those who are in power or kill them.They do hold leaders hostage and eventually make them subjects of international investigation and vilification.

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