POLITICAL PARTIES ENGAGE IN DEBATE An Exercise In Democracy, APRC Conspicuously Absent


When citizens become conscious of their rights and decide to take their destiny in their hands they become sovereign.

What the UTG students have done is what every sovereign citizen would do; to engage political leaders in a debate and demand answers from them on questions that are of concern to them. They invited both the ruling party and opposition parties but the ruling party was not represented.

As a ruling party, the APRC is to be held accountable for their deeds in the past five years. They are expected to defend their ‘achievements’ under Vision 2016 and Vision 2020 in education, health, agriculture and other sectors as well as their defence of the liberty and dignity of Gambians. The opposition on the other hand should strive to convince the audience that they can do a better job with their superior policies, plans and programmes, and therefore deserve to replace the ruling party.

Sovereign citizens who know themselves, their country and the world would listen carefully to the divergent views of political leaders and make up their mind as to who will best serve their interest and the nation. To vote on the basis of sentiments, be it religion, race, ethnicity and so on, is to deceive oneself because election is about deciding on who will best serve as trustee to take charge of the country.

December 1 is fast approaching and on that fateful day Gambians will decide who will take charge of the affairs of this country to take them out of their poverty and misery and ensure their liberty and dignity.