Political Leaders Are Teachers And Mentors Of Their Supporters?


Many people who listen to social Media are traumatized by the insults they heap on political leaders who are respected and honoured by them. They are also tempted to heap insults on the leaders of those who insult and fabricate lies against their own leaders. If that happens politics in the Gambia would not be guided by the rule of law, decency and the national interest.

It would be guided by the rule of the jungle, indecency and parochial interest. A nation which descends into jungle law, indecency and parochial interest would be filled with angry citizens who would be feasting on each other’s flesh. Such a nation will never live in peace and prosperity. Is there any Gambian who wants to belong to such a backward nation?

On the other hand, a nation with citizens who are committed to the rule of law, decency and national interest is bound to ensure peace, happiness and prosperity to all citizens.

One can judge the quality of leaders by the attitudes and conduct of their supporters. Any leader who appreciates supporters who heap insults and fabricate allegations against other leaders is not fit to govern a civilised, peaceful, tolerant and prosperous Nations.

Voters get the type of leaders they deserve. A nation that wants to live in hell should vote for leaders whose supporters do not hesitate to use derogatory and inflammatory remarks against other leaders.

If the Gambians want to live in heaven on earth, they should have political leaders and supporters who compete as to who is better placed to build a civilized, tolerant, open, decent and prosperous society.

No one should be offended by foul language or fabrication by political surrogates in the social media. Such language does not define the person to whom the remarks are directed. They define the leaders and supporters of the party perpetrating and tolerating indecent assault in politics. Such people do not earn any respect and would ultimately be consigned to the dustbin of history.

This is a sentence passed by truth and justice and it is irrevocable.  Hence it is better for those who are guilty of such aberrations to change their ways before it is too late. Time is not on their side. The creation of the new Gambian and new Gambia is on course. No one will derail this process by insults and fabrications.