Do The Presidential Candidates For The 2021 Presidential Election Require Background Check On Citizenship?

Question of the Day


Allegations against certain presidential candidates on matters of citizenship has compelled Foroyaa to initiate background check on family origins. Foroyaa will start with Mr Ousainou Darboe followed by Halifa Sallah then President Barrow and then the rest. We will try to give the details of the family tree of the mothers and fathers of the Candidates.

A Foroyaa journalist will be sent to each of those who have announced their candidature for information.

Publication will start on Monday.

Since Foroyaa will get the truth from the mouths of the candidates all social media report on such matters should be set aside while one waits for the unalloyed truth.

This is the era of transparency and accountability. Fabrication has no place in an open society. No matter how much one holds a person in contempt when it comes to speaking the truth one should do so in good faith in the public interest.