Friday, December 3, 2021

Police Suspend All Permits Granted To Conduct Political Activities


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The office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) notifies all political parties that all permits granted to conduct political activities have been suspended until further notice.

The decision to suspend all political activity permits has been taken following violent incidents in Mankamang Kunda in Upper River Region (URR) and Busumbala in West Coast Region (WCR) on the 8th  and 10th  January respectively.

The office of the IGP urges the general public to comply with this directive and warns all to desist from all forms of violence.

The Gambia is a democratic country where all are free to support any political party of their choice.

The office of the Inspector General of Police further informs the general public that investigations are underway regarding the two incidents and anyone found to have run afoul of the law would be dealt with according to the full force of the law.

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Superintendent David Kujabi

Police PRO

For Inspector General of Police

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