Wednesday, February 8, 2023

POLICE KILLINGS IN THE USA socialisation or system problem?


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There is only one race on the face of the earth that is the human race. Irrespective of colour, human beings could mate and produce human beings. Colour has nothing to do with the intelligence and values of human beings. It is the socialisation process which could make one human being to feel superior or inferior because of colour or physical appearance.

In a republic, all are equal in sovereignty and no one should be subjected to any form of discrimination or advantage by virtue of colour, gender, place of origin, religion or any other status. The failure of the institutions of socialisation to nurture a sovereign person, who considers all other sovereign persons as human beings, endowed with dignity and self- worth, leads to false assumption of superiority or inferiority. The incidents therefore should teach the US authorities in particular and all other members of society that something is wrong with the socilisation process.

If a person is not given the right values at the very beginning of one’s life, one is likely to move on with the wrong values to occupy different sectors of society such as the police, health and other sectors. This tends to influence some other sectors.

Hence the first lesson is to educate all children in any republic to have democratic and humane values which make all sovereign citizens equal and are entitled to respect, dignity and self- worth are inviolable.

The second shortcoming is system failure. No system could nurture human beings who serve people with a sense of fulfillment and enthusiasm, unless they are given orientation as they learn to become professionals. Hence if this type of brutality is to be curbed, people and institutions must change and adapt to the demands of the century for a citizen who is tolerant, fair and just. This is the task for all societies without exception.

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