Police Detain Woman on Allegation of Giving False Information


By Louise Jobe 

The police have detained a woman after they found out that her claim that she was robbed Five Hundred Thousand Dalasi (D500,000) was false.

The woman, whose name was not mentioned, was detained on Saturday, 17 February on allegation that she staged a robbery incident and yet reported the matter to the police with the claim that she was robbed.

Banta Njie, the Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the Gambia Police Force, said the lady reported to the police that she was robbed D500,000. She added that during the preliminary investigations, it was discovered that she intended to deceive the police to avoid paying the money to her business partner. Further investigation revealed that the woman staged the robbery to cover up the embezzlement of her employer’s money, the police said. The PRO said the woman admitted that she staged the robbery incident all by herself.

PRO Njie said she has been detained while investigations continue.