BCC’s Total Revenue Declined Slightly by over D11 Million


By: Kebba AF Touray

The revenue of the Banjul City Council (BCC) has seen a slight decline from seventy-six million, eight hundred and eighty-seven thousand, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine bututs (D76,878,018.99) in 2019 to sixty-five million, eight hundred and forty-one thousand, six hundred and twenty-five dalasi and thirty-one Bututs (D65,841,625.31) in 2020.

As explained by the BCC in its 2020 financial report, which was presented to the Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC), the total revenue of the council in 2020 stood at sixty-five million, eight hundred and forty-one thousand, six hundred and twenty-five dalasi and thirty-one Bututs (D65,841,625.31) in 2020.

When the total revenue of D65,841,625.31 in 2020 was subtracted from the total revenue in 2019 which stood at D76,878,018.99, it gave a decline in revenue to over eleven million, thirty-six thousand, three hundred and ninety-four dalasi and sixty-eight bututs (D11,036,394.68).

The total expenditure of the BCC during the review period also decreased from D81,413,977.02 in 2019 to D60,575,770.09 in 2020.

“The total income of the BCC in 2020 stood at D65,841,625.31. The council spent a total of D411,110.00 on social services and a total of D965,743.00 on youth, sports and culture as well as a total of D1,351,618.00 on maintenance/repairs,” the Council stated in its reports.

It was further reported that the Council’s total assets in 2019 stood at D12,811,500.86, and was D12,368,505.14 in 2020, whilst its liabilities stood at D12,368,505.14 in 2020 to D12,811,500.86 in 2020.

The council also spent a total of D4,381,309.35 on development expenses and a total of D1,354,485.35 on the construction of slaughterhouse holding ground and toilets, and a total of D350,000 on the rehabilitation of the drainage system at the Albert Market.

“In recognition of the dilapidated state of the market drainage system, initiative was taken to embark on the construction of the collapsed drainage system and the manufacturing of concrete slabs to cover the open drains. Disbursement was done sometime in July and November involving the sums of D200,000 and D150,000 respectively for the purpose,” said BCC.

On the replacement of inner-city street lightening (Led lightning), the BCC management reported that it has spent a total of D357,737.00 and that some of the lightning equipment purchased include the manufacturing of 50 poles with brackets, purchase of 100 AMP 4-Pole breakers and provision of Aluminum cable for Tobacco road street lights.

The council also spent a total of D350,000 on the construction of a center for excellence for the youths in Banjul.

The BCC, on Tuesday 20 February, 2024, reappeared before the FPAC for the consideration of their reports, after they had been asked by the committee to go back and review their reports in October, 2023.

The FPAC later adopted the reports of the BCC with reservation, and among them was for the BCC to work on the audit queries raised on their reports, to ensure that their reports are satisfactorily done to reflect the true and fair view of the council’s financial transactions.